Sure Eczema Cure: Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Zero Animal Food Sources

This is serious people. I have become enlightened by scientific evidence that people were not designed to consume animals. And especially not in the enormous quantity of what is considered “normal” meat consumption.

The cure protocol to cure cancer is a 100% raw vegeterian diet. This is the optimal food that cures anything. Remember what we talked about that all “disease” is toxin acid release? There you go.

You want to cure eczema in the shortest possible time? Go vegan!

Are you complaining that you actually crave for meat and animal products? Fine. Go ahead and keep your eczema. You want to keep on eating meat? Or do you want to be cured of eczema? That is your choice. Don’t complain if you never achieve 100++% eczema cure… because I told you so… Go Vegan!

Of course I will teach you how to transition away from meat and how to go vegan.

This will be a long explanation citing web sites and books… return to this article as it will be revised over the next couple of days.


So I finally get the ball rolling and try to convince my wife. She’s a hard case. Loves meat 3 times a day. But she believes in our son’s school philosophy. Waldorf. Courtesy of Rudolf Steiner. You know, anthroposophy. Well our school Manila Waldorf, its founders are vegetarians. And Rudolf Steiner was vegetarian himself. Here is a website that answers the question why vegetarianism:

Steiner himself chose Vegetarian diet in 1900 – Called it “human progression”

Then I gave my wife more reading material. Naturopathy! Naturopaths scientifically believe that humans are intended to be vegetarians. It is in our teeth, our intestines, our stomach, our whole anatomy to be vegetarian. Raw vegetables and fruits are alkaline. Acidity harms humans. See Dr. Hoover’s free Naturopath Book:

Then I gave my wife the “coup de grace” from Barefoot Herbalist MH’s members only website. A document called Meat Freaks. It will freak you out if you knew what was in the meats people consume everyday. You will realize that most of the diseases we suffer from today is due to eating meat. And even if you were a dog or a lion who are naturally carnivorous, you would still get sick too eating the diseased meat being sold and cooked for food everyday!

Don’t believe me? I dare you. Take the 30 day challenge and see how you feel after eating 90% raw vegetables and fruits only. It took me only 10 days and I never want to go back again.

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