Barefoot Herbalist MH responds to the issue of Anger. Must read!

I am so thankful to Mr. Barefoot to have responded so painstakingly to my post at his forum in Curezone. Yes! MH himself expounded on the issue of anger and the people who do not want to be cured at all.

MH replies:

I always tell people who don’t like advice, don’t ask, but when it comes to health, just watch a Dr. Richard Shulse Video, the same guy at the top billing here on the curezone (even though these people don’t waste anytime with the curezone). If anyone thinks I am bad, just listen to Shulse, he will tell you the DEAL and if you don’t like it, he has the same attitude that David Christopher Has:

He teaches that life is too short to deal with these sickly people than do not want help. David gives free info/suggestions for 3 minutes and he even pays for that phone call, it cost you zero! He says most every MD in America spends 3 minutes or less with their patients each visit. Those that want to help them selves,only need 3 minutes, those that do not want to help them selves and want to be sickly, will waste your time all day, every day and REFUSE or LIE about everything you have tried to help them with. David suggest these people are lead by evil sources that just seek to waste your time and keep you from doing more with others, etc….so HE TELLS the person for FREE, ONE TIME!!!!!!! They call back the next day whining about this and that, he does not waste their time, they don’t want help, he says there are hundreds of thousands that do want help, don’t waste your life trying to change one that does not want help.

Dr. Shulse will tell you about 10X stronger than David Christopher not to waste his time, etc……….he was known to take the plate a food right off your table if he seen you in a reastaurant eating meat and chemicals while being one of his patients that would then come in and lie to him about their habits, etc………..

While on the other hand, anyone making a post, has done so enomously and when they make a really bad one explaining the drugs they do and the operations they do, etc….then folks, these PEOPLE have just educated the younger people on this forum by exposing their past/present mistakes and by pointing out their already known disastes, these younger kids hopefully will learn to not do what these older folks have done, that has ended in cancer, heart disease, etc., etc…………

Those on birth control, heart disease, cholesterol, weight control, vitamin, etc., etc.. PILLS need to be examples to the younger people, DON’T DO IT, “SAY NO” to pills.

Those that swallow metalic waters and urine water are a step worse than the above and they will never know it is wrong, unless they are told so; IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!

Naturally this can be done, because it is all done on forums enomously, NO ONE is suppose to know anyone and it allows us all to say what we believe at the present moment.

Anyone that has read much, KNOWS they can e-mail or better yet, if they are real TENDER HEARTED, they can call Brenda………….. and get the soft femanine treatment.

The TRUTH IS, PEOPLE ARE DIEING…………….they are stumbling through life on drugs/poisons of all kinds known and unknown and when they ask something on this forum, they may not like what they get in response always……….and YES, its time people wake up, because the same whiners are the ones that get the MOST ANGERY when their loved ones or them selves are dieing at a young age in sever pains and THEY blame it on everyone but them selves!

The REASON a FEW don’t like this forum is because of this one fact of life:


We do this because we are EVIL NATURED beings, ALL AGAINST GOD!!!!!!!!!! Life on earth is like a detention center for unruly juveniles and everyone of us is in lock up. We are here to learn and if we don’t learn, we beat our heads against the wall and blame God for all our self-created evils.

We adults POISON our Children, we all abuse them, we all train them to LIVE AGAINST GOD! We do this, because we are all a bunch of whicked people, sent here to earth to LEARN! This is all well explained in the BIBLE and the reason so many of the stories in the BIBLE are bad stories, because we people are BAD………..

As we learn from our mistakes and accept our punishments, then we realize how to live and God rewards us……then life becomes bareable and our load lessoned.

Anger is a sign a human is alive and he has learned something, that something always being that he/she has recognised an EVIL and wants others to AVOID this EVIL and those that resist, say; oh my, that person is angery!!!!!!

So Naturally, such people to me? They love their ways and its their choice and a waste of time to explain otherwise.

I know 90% of the adult females are on some sort of birth control and take their daily drugs for this and that and many males by age 50 are doing similar things. I know we all live against God and we all want to be healthy, but not one of us will trust God………….we are all a bunch of spoilied brats wanting our cake and icing with out the work to desirve it. We all want the quick fix and most of all, we want MASON MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and the time to spend it.

Thus, we are all sinners, every last one of us and we don’t want God to kill us for our sins………..The fact is, God is killing us, for each sin, we are judged 24/7, all sin rewarded justly, not one of us can lie our way out of death. Man makes as many religions as he can create in an effort to please the evil mind and he digs his hole deeper in hell for every such effort.

NOT UNTIL a human accepts GOD and TRUST GOD, does that human have any chance on earth! The Bible suggest NOT ONE will do so, because if they did, they could tell a mountain to move an it would, because we would have the POWER of GOD! We are in the end times or times of Noah, when all are evil seeking people and denieing GOD, when not one is left on earth that obeys God, then the rocks will come as final judgement and the Bible clearly says WOE to the pregnant moms………….such death of the body is a terriable death, death by fire.

Evil should be pointed out and those that don’t like that??? Well, we know what side they are on, if they ever decide to live, they will run from EVIL and seek GOD for protection.

Those that recognise death, should point death out to the younger people, otherwise; death is like a hungery lion, seeking to eat you all! Maybe the Bible MONKS called parasites the LION in their parables back then?????????????????????????????

This is a FACT:
The WHINERS that say I won’t do this or that because I don’t like so and so????? Come on; GROW UP and stop being a baby, YOU and YOU ALONE are in charge of your BODY, only a fool would do this or that because someone suggested to do so. YOU listen to what others say and YOU ALONE make the decisons and then you self-experiment slowly and prove or disprove the theory of others………. Don’t be a sheep lead to slaughter………….wake up and be responsible for our self.

Don’t blame anyone but your self, come judgement day, we can be assured of ONE FACT, the judge is not going to release you, because you blamed another for your actions…on our death, we are one on one, just as we entered this earth alone, we leave it alone………………The bible also makes it quite clear, that all other humans may not be what you think they are, WE are ONE on ONE with God from birth to death…………………….

This is School, we either pass or learn some hard lessons.

Anger? Thats a misunderstood word……….I was angery when I was STUPID and wasn’t smart enough to come in out of the rain. ( a parable to life’s problems).


The original forum post at the Ask Barefoot forum on Curezone.

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