Debunking the Money Religion of No Cures… but Controllable… Scam

A couple of times some courageous superstitious soul replies to my message board cure posts and boldly proclaims “there is no cure for (insert any disease here) but it is controllable.” What a load of money making garbage this is. I will tell you why.

The “no cure but controllable” mantra is snake oil SALES TALK for DRUGS.
The “no cure but controllable” mantra is a SCAM.
The smug, cram it down your throats “there is no cure” superstition is sooo ASSUMING that everybody is as IGNORANT as the “no cure” PREACHER.

Hellooooo! This is the 21st century! And with the internet and the combined intelligence of millions of people around the world. The “no cure but controllable” mantra is OLD HAT. Someone, somewhere out there knows the cures; and the internet is a cheap medium that delivers.

You may have thought there was no cure because you never had a CHOICE.
You may have thought there was no cure because you have never READ anything like the information below.
You may have thought there was no cure because you kept seeing the same quack doctors from the same rotten “no cures” school of thought. Fortunately for the masses, the internet has come of age and that UNSCIENTIFIC rotten “no cures” quack monopoly is crumbling under the sheer weight of the multitudes of CURED PEOPLE.

My cure protocol for (your incureable disease) and everything else:
#1 Go vegan + fruitarian
#2 Subscribe to Barefoot Herbalist School, read book I and his “108 pages” (free to read and download at the members section, but I suggest you pay as a student so your conscience is clear with Mr. Barefoot)
#3 See my Cancer Cure cure protocol (same stuff for everything else)
#4 You will undergo a change in thinking, a change in lifestyle. The old poisonous thinking, the old continuous poisonous lifestyle will be banished forever.

Unlike your doctor and the drug company, I’m not interested in your money.

Read it. Understand it. Just do it.

You can either choose to follow the scammers as you have done for XX years or you can choose to be cured instead.

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