Leaky Gut: a root cause of many diseases

A testimonial on the eczema forums on curezone.com got my attention. The post suggests a 1 month cure for Leaky Gut and your eczema will be gone without changing your eating habits.
He he he. That got me smiling. The big and obvious concern is what if it was your eating habits were TERRIBLE and that these TERRIBLE inhuman eating habits were the cause of your Leaky Gut syndrome in the first place?

Of course let us not miss out that curing eczema is just one step to health. Why stop at eczema when upon learning about the truth about health and healing you could look great, feel great, never get sick and live a looooonnng and healthy life well into 100?

It just so happens that a GREAT DIET is the foundation of health! I estimate GREAT DIET to be some 80% of the battle for cures and abundant health. See Barefoot Herbalist MH’s Book 1 for more on this issue.

So let us go back to curing Leaky Gut from the post:



Subject: help is on the way
Username: #58970
Date: 5/14/2007 12:58:29 AM

What everybody has to know that diet is not the answer.I will try to explain as clearly as I can.You can change your diet all you want but if you dont fix the problem you will not have success.Why do you think all your friends can eat and drink what ever they want.There insides are so strong that nothing penetrates it.people with health problems have leaky gut,but the problem is nobody knows the proper way to fix it.here is how you fix it take 75 mg of zinc carnosine 10 mg of biotin and 2000 to 10000 of msm and within one month your leaky gut will be cured and your exzema will be gone without changing your eating habits.
Good luck


Then let’s see a testimonial:

Subject: My Seborrheic Dermatitis Cure, works for eczema too
Username: #76796
Date: 7/22/2007 1:36:35 PM

I’ve had Seborrheic Dermatitis for close to 30yrs. I’ve tried some of everything, I’ve found a few things over the years, that helped, but nothing that would get rid of it for good, until now.


I ran across this post a few months ago, but just decided about a month ago to give it a try, and thank God I did, it’s only been about 10days, and my Seborrheic is about 90% gone. I guess I’ll know if I’m truly cured, once I stop taking these vitamins, but the best thing about this program, is I could take these vitamins for the rest of my life, and it wouldn’t be a problem. I get my vitamins from vitacost online but I’m sure you could get them at any health food store. I take Jarrow Formulas Pepzin GI 75mg, NSI Biotin 10mg, and NSI MSM 8,000mg. By the way, the above post was written for people with eczema, but again it’s working for my Seborrheic.

I really hope this post helps someone, if you decide to give this a try, please post back and let us know how it worked for you.


Of course we healers know that chronic skin diseases or just say skin health is a reflection of intestinal health. So it is no surprise that we must heal and see to it that our intestines are clean, cured and remain functioning at 100% efficiency.

I’ve also gone out and sought the opinion of Barefoot Herbalist MH on the issue of Leaky Gut. MH says to use Slippery Elm to cure leaky gut.

Subject: Re:Edited/ Leaky Gut Improving – MH
Username: #25274
Date: 5/8/2007 3:34:44 AM

hi nh,
for leaky gut,MH allways recommends *slippery elm*
it will heal yours too !
here are some posts by MH


scroll down to;”Does Your Colon Feed Or Poison You?”

you can find many more posts on slippery elm
and leaky gut if you type in the words :
leaky gut in the search-box :
on MH’s forum page on the top right.
click the *Ask Barefoot* button.
many of the posts are part of a thread !

good health to you

For Philippine cures, I know that okra, a native vegetable is used for intestinal cleansing. Also mentioned by “The Cancer Cure that worked.” It’s gooey juices seep into the fingers inside the intestines and the use of fibers like psyllium husks can clean out the dirt in the intestines. I told my kidney cancer patient to eat okra vegetables for lunch for 3 days, just okra only, nothing else. You could do the same for your eczema.

Candida is a root cause of leaky gut. So a 3 to 7 day virgin coconut oil detox / fast should be done first to clear up candida. This is the fastest and most effective method I know to get rid of candida.

My theory for my brother Bugoy, have him take Slippery Elm capsules 4x per day for 1 month, have bugoy eat okra everyday for 1 month, as many times a day as he eats rice… which is usually 2 to 3 times per day. No animal meat, if at all possible for 1 month.

Then see the progress. See if the supplement approach is still needed: Zinc Carnosine, Biotin and MSM for 1 month.

I will do the same. My theory is that my continuous liver stone production is caused by a leaky gut. If leaky gut is a root cause, it may be polluting my blood, and my liver has to work and form liver stones to keep cleaning my blood, this could be why in 20 liver flushes, I still expel stones.

With this knowledge, why not shoot for a higher goal? Perfect skin complection. Model like. Smooth and clear.

Will see. Time will tell.

(next time I will talk about l-glutathione for your liver)

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