Aunty of Curezone Shares her Children with Eczema Healing Protocol

Courtesy of bioticsadp, this lovingly crafted eczema cure protocol and analysis deserves to be repeated on this website. The original post can be seen on Curezone at cross posted on both eczema and psoriasis forums.
courtesy from aunty


My nieces were healed of severe (total body) eczema without the use of medications in two weeks. This occurred in their infancy and they have been eczema free for a majority of their young lives: 6 years (oldest niece), 4 years (middle niece) & two years (youngest niece).

Because we come from a family with an eczema heredity, we knew (from first hand experience) the dangers of the drugs used to treat eczema and was determined to find a different path (one that led to true healing) for my nieces. The very drugs that are prescribed to treat eczema are the very drugs that promote longterm eczema suffering, simply because they don’t address the core cause of eczema. Physicians have been able to convince eczema patients that this is the only recourse in the treatment of eczema because they’ve classified a symptom manifestation as the cause. They’ve stated that the cause of eczema is an overactive immune system. That is not the cause; that is a symptom manifestation promoted by the cause. The cause of the overactive immunity is toxic overload. Going even deeper into the cause of the toxic overload is understanding the function of the digestive organs. However, and in any event, once you see the cause as toxins, then seeing your way to healing becomes more hopeful.

For the layman, the logical response to the knowledge that toxins are the major culprit of the eczema is to identify the toxins and rid them from the body. It is this logical or practical response that brought about my nieces longterm eczema freedom. The problem with the medical community regarding eczema patients is that they have failed to address the toxic cause and opted, instead, to suppress the symptoms. An eczema manifestation is the body’s attempt to heal itself by ridding itself of this toxic overload; therefore, to suppress the eczema symptom is to suppress the body’s ability to heal.

Toxins are eliminated and removed from the body through the bowels, urine, and skin. When an individual developes an eczema reaction, the goal should not be to suppress the symptom; the goal should be to work with the body to complete the healing process. The physicians response to suppress the eczema symptoms through medication is like removing the battery in a household smoke or fire alarm, in order to avoid the annoying sound. The purpose of the annoying sound of the smoke alarm is to warn the homeowner of impending fire. In the same way, the eczema reaction is sounded to alert the individual of the toxic dangers that were present internally, but not seen visibly by the naked eye. In essence, the eczema was shouting a need to address the toxins now before they become cancer later. This is why the suppression process (through medication) is so dangerous; it doesn’t address the toxins, it simply ignores them (out of sight, out of mind).

By bringing understanding as to what the body is messaging with an eczema reaction, eczema becomes less fearful, and hope for healing, more obtainable. Internal, external, and foreign is a simple key phrase to remember when attempting to heal the body of eczema. Internal refers to restoration of the immune health through the proper nutrition and internal cleansing/detox. External refers to restoration of the skin’s moisture barrier through natural skin care products that will promote the healing without harmful side effects. Foreign refers to identification and removal of the allergen/irritants promoting the toxic environment. All three of these need to be addressed in order to ensure complete success.

INTERNAL – Beta carotene is an immune booster. A diet rich in the foods that contain this essential nutrient is necessary for eczema sufferers. Green leafy vegetables (like kale, collard, spinach), broccoli, green & romaine lettuce, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots contain this essential nutrient. In addition, the green vegetables also contain the fiber needed to improve the digestive health which is directly related to the immune health. Drinking plenty of water will also be key in the healing process. Besides provided oxygen to the cells, water also flushes the toxins from the body. There are several other nutritional deficiencies that are manifest with an eczema reaction. To learn what they are and to find out what foods your son can consume to replenish those essential nutrients, you can check out the following website:
Look at the “healing eczema with what you eat section”. To address the cleansing/detox issues, I recommend the following cleansing program, All Natural Cleanse by Nature’s Medicine:

EXTERNAL – The skin care product that worked for my nieces was the Burt’s Bees skin care line. However, and because it contains natural fragrance, the better alternative for your son may be Colloidal Skin Therapy Lotion by Nature’s Gate or Borage Skin Therapy lotion by Shikai. All of these items can be found at your local Whole Foods Market (a national health food chain). From hair care to skin care, these natural/organic products will work to promote healing without causing harmful side effects. The key will be in finding what product works best with your son’s skin type without promoting an allergic reaction. The store provides testers so that he can test a small area of the skin for an allergic reaction before purchasing.

FOREIGN – Regarding your son’s allergen/irritants (toxic culprits), the medications (like prednisone) prescribed to treat the eczema would fall into this classification due to the fact that the immune systems sees it as a foreign invader. Side effects are a result of this fight, along with an immediate reoccurrence of the symptom once the medication has run its course or is stopped. The body doesn’t view this as medication; it views it as a toxin because of its toxic chemical/synthetic ingredient. Even those medications that claimed to be steroid free (and therefore better), have been linked to cancer (elidel & protopic). This is why natural skin care products that promote healing is the better external remedy for the skin.

Although the medications are a cause for the continued toxic environment in your son’s body, they aren’t the only cause. You stated that the eczema condition localized on your son’s face started a year ago. Can you or he remember what promoted that flareup?

In addition to that, another reason for the continued toxic sensitivity on his face could be the chlorine or fluoride in your household water. You can remedy the problem of those toxic chemicals in the water, by purchasing water purification/filters for the shower head or bathroom faucets. Yet another major problem for the eczema irritation that would be localized to the face are Amalgam or metal fillings in the teeth. They would be producing high mercury levels in the body which would promote the persistent eczema suffering. Finding a dentist familiar with the field of natural dentistry would be the route to take in having those amalgam fillings removed and opting for a natural (less damaging) alternative. When you begin to understand eczema, you can then understand the body’s attempt to help in the identification (of toxins/allergens/irritants) process through its localized or total body manifestations. I’ve focused on amalgam fillings and chlorine/fluoride in household water based on the information you’ve given me. In addition, and because I know of the cycle of suffering the medications perpetuate, I’ve had to include them in the continued suffering as well.

I want to reiterate that it was this practical approach to healing the skin that has achieved, in my nieces, an effect of eczema freedom that the doctors said was not available. Their simple response is that there is no cure for eczema; and therefore, symptom suppression is the only alternative. My nieces have proven that theory wrong. The correct statement is that modern medicine doesn’t have a cure; which means, they haven’t yet developed a medication that would permanently suppress the symptoms. I wouldn’t want to use that type of cure if they came up with it. I don’t want to suppress the body’s ability to tell me when something is wrong. They also state there is no cure for the common cold; however, most people don’t fear that prognosis. Why? Because the body heals itself; and therefore, why do you need a cure for what the body already cures on its own. This same premise applies to eczema. If you feed the body what it is asking for and remove the allergen/irritants promoting the toxic environment, then the body will be able to complete the healing process it started with eczema response. In a sentence; the difference between the doctors response to eczema and my family’s response is that they chose to suppress/hide the symptoms and we chose to address/heal the body of the symptom. In other words; we chose to acknowledge what the body was saying and respond with wisdom, allowing the body to guide us in the process.

Please let your son read this as well. If he can get an understanding of what his body is saying, then he can begin to see that the hope for healing is a very real possibility for him.


p.s. Also regarding the internal, your son will need to focus on eliminating from his diet those foods that would prove to be detrimental to the immune system. They are processed foods high in saturated fats and synthetic sugars (junk food). Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages would also prove to be damaging to the immune system and compromise it’s ability to fight. In essence, those things increase the strength of the foreign invaders (bacteria, candida, parasites, viruses). Another damaging effect to his already compromised immune health would be smoking.


Distilled water
Alkaline/Acid Diet – High Quality Natural and Organic Non Processed Foods
All Natural Cleanse is the same as Dr. Natura Colon Cleanse — Alternative is LBB on AskBarefoot or Humaworm Parasite Cleanse – Epsom Salt
Natural Skin Care products are not always natural even at the whole food stores. Check labels carefully. Burts Bees and Aubrey Organics are good examples
Laundry Detergent – nontoxic example Seventh Generation

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