Poor Cousin’s Eczema on Arm Problem and Cure Strategy

I hired my 29 year old cousin to be our company driver. Turns out he was developing eczema on his right arm. Then last thursday it turned ugly and starting spewing pus. Plus he felt his lymph nodes under his arm and at the right side of his chest swell and he became feverish.
Cousin says he’s had this before. The last time on his left arm. But never this bad to be feverish and with swelling lymph nodes.

Turns out this eczema is an internal systemic infection. I sent him home and told him not to report for work on Friday so he could rest. At the same time I recommended him to do the following things:

#1 Consume 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea as his colon cleanse everyday beginning Thursday and stop so he can report for work on Monday. Cost 775 pesos for the 1/2 liter bottle.

#2 Take avocado leaves tea, 2 liters everyday for his kidney cleanse. Cost is FREE. Avocado leaves are free.

#3 When he comes back to work, I’ll give him some of my PH Drops. An original Filipino invention called EMC. This has minerals dispersed via nanotechnology such that only 2-5 drops in your 1/2 cup of water will instantly be absorbed by your body. Improves bio-electric flow instantly and of course alkalizes your body just as described in the PH Miracle book by Robert Young.

He called me for advice and said his arm eczema has stopped leaking. As usual this is free advice and I spent for it because I bought the miracle tea for him. Sigh, the life of a family healer is expensive.

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