Psoriasis Closest Thing to a Cure by Student, Model, Actress

I stumbled upon another fellow happy sharing health truth seeker. This time a young lady student who is into fashion modeling and acting who was afflicted with symptoms described as psoriasis.
This young lady made an email address for herself and charitably shared her story on the message board at She expected praise and thanks and thought she was lending a helping hand to the other psoriasis sufferers in that message board. did not expect the tirades thrown at her for posting her cure story and tips. People have fallen in love with their psoriasis over there. Very typical of a “mainstream” gatekeeper organization that peddles its “there is no cure for your disease”.

Yes, yes, these Americans are crazy!

Same thing happened to me when I wanted to post my diabetes cure protocol at a mainstream diabetes forum. Same thing happened to me when I posted my cure story at skincell forum. Again, these Americans are crazy! Let the rest of the world NOT IMPORT their $$$ gate keeping madness. It is okay to make money, but not at the expense of the lives of people!

More power to you psoriasis_control! And thank you, thank you very much for sharing your cure experience.

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This is my story:

Years ago I noticed a spot on my elbow that was red and scaly. I didn’t know what it was; it came and it went. I ignored it. Then in the spring of 2006 (April) my upper arms began to itch. In a matter of days, I was covered in GUTTATE psoriasis. My feet, legs, knees, thighs, buttocks, torso (front and back), arms, and chest, all eventually developed the spots. Some places had patches of INVERSE psoriasis and my elbows developed even more PLAQUE psoriasis.

I went to doctors; they gave me creams. Made things worse. Mom, who has studied western and eastern medicine, warned me about the damaging affects of western medicine. I even tried herbal creams. Nothing worked successfully. Not even remotely.
I was devastated. I couldn’t sleep because of the itchiness, I felt gross, scared, depressed. I started to research. Skin problems: dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. I realized how similar they all are, and most importantly, how these conditions affect millions of people.
I became even more scared, reading the stories of no cures, and just having to accept this as a way of life now. Women wearing long sleeved shirts in the summer; pants; doubling and tripling stockings and then still not being able to go out in public comfortably. I prepared for the worst. I searched frantically among the summer clothing racks, looking for long sleeved clothing and found so few; as few as the hopes I had for ever seeing my once beautiful skin clear again. I tried convincing people, no, I don’t feel warm in these pants amidst the heat and humidity. I tried not to cry when I would spend at least half an hour extra after showering scratching at my hairline to remove the scaly flakes that were reminiscent of the winter snow. I tried to be strong but had nothing to hold on to. What was hardest to accept is that my career as a model and actress had come to a terrible halt.

This was the worst summer of my life, and I had to accept that this is how all my summers would be. No swimming, no shorts, no skirts, not tank or tube tops. I tried going to a club, wore thick black stockings and my spots seemed to be glowing through. No more fashion shows, no more acting gigs, what about a social life? Friends? Family? Anything? Everything? Granted, there are worse things in life; I’ll be the first to attest to that. I’ve known ailments that some are oblivious to, but this only added to a pot that was already overflowing.

Fast forward to today December 3, 2006. I have a new boyfriend. He took me out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. I wore a halter-top, mini dress, and no stockings. I modeled in shows and acted in films during the month of October. In September I went to clubs and wore dresses and skirts. In August I wore Capri pants and tube tops.
April, May, and June were horrific. In June I started to make changes and by July, I was already seeing drastic improvements.

This is what I did:

My mom researched and found Dr. John O. A. Pagano’s HEALING PSORIASIS: The Natural Alternative book. We read it. We started to follow its main points. Did some independent research as well. Consulted naturopathy. Tried some recommendations (trial and error). Combined certain advice, prayed, and took a deep and patient breath, and within a couple of weeks started to see and feel results. First the scales subsided. Then the bumps became less raised. Then they started to fade from the top of my body, downward. First my chest and arms cleared. Then my back and stomach and my thighs, and lastly, my lower legs were without spots.

Psoriasis may not be curable, but it CAN be controlled. It is not a disease; it is a condition by which your body is trying to tell you something. It’s telling you you’ve been treating it wrong. It doesn’t like the poisons (saturated, trans fat, chemically induced, processed, allergen, carcinogenic, toxified) food/beverages/products you’ve been using to nourish it. It’s asking for change. It’s like an allergic reaction that’s just been identified; not everyone reacts the same way to allergens and toxins, hence why not everyone suffers from psoriasis. Some people get cancer, others get Irritable Bowel Disease, high cholesterol, etc. Be thankful that ours isn’t life threatening. The question now is, do you care enough to bring about this change your body seeks? It’s quite the task. It requires strong will, dedication, and a massive alteration to a way of life that I’m still struggling with to this day. Sometimes I slip up and I will have some spots return. The consequences are not worth salvaging my old lifestyle. It’s a commitment I have made.

Here is my personal CONTROL for psoriasis to be followed to the strictest degree:

-Acidic foods
-Smoking/Cigarette smoke
-Soft drinks
-Red meat/Pork, Cold cuts
-Pickled/Smoked foods
-Hot spices
-Fried foods
-Fast/Junk food

Absolutely NO consumption of any nightshades meaning the following:
-Tomatoes (or any tomato based/containing products/foods like /Ketchup, or Pizza)

-ALL Vinegar/Dressings
-ANY White starches or Refined foods
-White flour, pasta, rice, bread, and sugar
-Processed foods
-Hydrogenated oils
-Preservatives, colour additives
-Peanut butter
-Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Peanuts
-Cranberries, Blueberries
-Limit dairy (only low fat and avoid orange cheese)
-Any foods etc. that you are allergic to

TAKE (with food and at least a glass full of water):
-Natural Factors Complete Multi-vitamin Iron Free (once a day)
-Jamieson B-50 Complex (2 times a day)
-Platinum Easycal Calcium-Magnesium With Evening Primrose Oil (2-3times a day)
-Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil (once a day)
-Genuine Health O3mega (2-3 times a day)
-SISU Ester-C 600 mg Vitamin C (one a day)
-Swiss Soya Lecithin Granules (3 tablespoons a day)

-Use Evening Primrose Soap to bathe
-Sleep well
-Increase fiber intake for at least one to two bowel movements per day
-Drink lots of water (8 glasses a day)
-Avoid any Western Medications that are not absolutely necessary
-Avoid taking Painkillers like Tylenol, Aspirin etc. for every small thing
-Avoid taking Antibiotics for a common cold (take 3 Ester-C 600 mg 3 times a day with a full glass of water instead)
-Try to Detoxify your body as much as possible
-Try to avoid Negativity and Depression

-Alkaline foods
-Chicken breast (baked, broiled, boiled)
-Veggie meats and cheeses
-Any Yves Veggie Cuisine products
-Whole-wheat pastas, rice, breads
-Pesto sauce whole-wheat pizza
-Salads with olive oil and oregano
-Vegetables (other than those listed above)
-Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, romaine lettuce, onions, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, mushrooms (sparingly) are my faves
-Fruits (most)
-Grapes, pineapples, bananas & apples (to be eaten alone and sparingly), dates, raisins are my faves
-Almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds
-Organic Vegan Food Bars
-Organic food whenever possible

*Please note, that I will not be checking in on the forums so for anyone who would like to comment, ask me any questions, ask for more information, request any psoriasis safe recipes, or would like to see some of my before and after pictures, please feel free to EMAIL me at:

My opinion (which I am entitled to as much as the next person) is please stop pouring money into the corrupt Big Pharma as Kevin Trudeau would say. This man is onto something good. Stay away from corticosteroids, PUVA, and the like. Evil, evil products from drug companies who want your money!

I am not affiliated with, or endorsing the purchase Pagano’s book, or any sort of products listed above. I am just a regular psoriasis-suffering girl wanting nothing more than to share my relief and my methods of control with as many sufferers as possible, in the hopes that I may help some of you.

I do not guarantee my method. It has however, worked for me. If you try it, it may work and you may have a similar success story. Or it may fail (though if done strictly, I highly doubt it, as others have been cured in this fashion too). You may even have a better success story! It may work faster than it did with me; it may take longer. It may take different combinations, or different suggestions (that I haven’t tried) from Pagano’s book or naturopaths. Maybe someone knows of an even more effective combo (please let me know if you do). However, the bottom line is, you have nothing to lose. At the very least, you will feel better by having a much, much healthier body. Remember, what you do to the inside of your body, affects the outside.

Best of luck!

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