Bugoy October 2007 Plan: Cold Feeling + Eczema – Dry – Flaky – Itchy – Infected – Thick Skin

I sent Manang Lorna the Herbalist home. She has done her part. The September crisis is finished. Bugoy says he feels better internally.

Now we are on the offensive. Years of damage has been done and now we will attempt to reverse all the damage. The following is a comprehensive strategy I’ve come up with for Bugoy.

Observation: Feeling Cold All the Time

Bugoy was always feeling cold. He would close his windows. He would cover up with a blanket. He would never turn on his car air conditioner. This is past tense. Was. He WAS always feeling cold until just a few days ago.

How we alleviated this Feeling Cold All the Time

I gave Bugoy:

  • Kelp supplements. Solgar brand. 2 capsules per day.
  • Omega 3 Supplements 6 caps per day. Healthy Options brand.
  • Omega 3 real food. Fresh, Raw or steamed Salmon sashimi. He loves salmon sashimi.
  • Super green food: Spinach. Steamed + Coconut Milk / Gata for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Super green food: Brocolli. Steamed + Extra Virgin Olive Oil for optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Incorporate Cayenne Pepper in diet. We have fresh Thai Cayenne. 4 Thai Cayenne peppers per day with food. For vitamin C and improved circulation. FYI, siling labuyo is no longer available in our local market.
  • No breakfast. Fasting from dinner to lunch.
  • Follow food combining principles. Vegetables + Brown Rice or Vegetables + Fish, never rice + fish.
  • Daily steam baths. Bugoy bought a steam bath jacket from Dr. Tam Mateo.

This is not a solved case yet. I highly suspect thyroid problems. Caused by mercury poisoning. Mercury coming from his amalgams.

Photos relevant to this article, click on photos to go to see larger view.

Root Cause: Dental Amalgams

Bugoy is still working on getting his amalgam tooth fillings removed. He still has some 7 teeth to go. Yesterday he had his blood sample taken. He will be getting the results tomorrow. Only then will he submit this blood test results to the biological dentist. He also needs to submit photos of his skin condition. The biological dentist Dr. Herminia Chavez is currently in the USA. Her staff will be forwarding our emails. Dr. Chavez will give her opinion if and when she can allow amalgam removal to commence.

I will be recommending Dr. Hulda Clark’s method. Remove all amalgams. Let the holes remain. Just be careful with eating. Brush and clean with a water pick. Wait some 6 weeks. Then fill them up again.

Bugoy’s Full Body Damaged Infected Skin

Dr. Gerry Francisco of GCU Healing Arts described Bugoy’s current status very well. He says Bugoy’s skin is currently infected by a lot of bacteria. My input is these germs were incubated with the 8 years of petroleum jelly everyday. Maybe these are eating his skin oils. Maybe this thick skin is damaged to the point there is no perspiration.

Doc Gerry’s strategy is to scrub the germs clean personally. Doc Gerry is available only Mondays and Tuesdays. So at P 1,000 per session Doc Gerry professionally steam bathes Bugoy. Bathes Bugoy with dissolved tawas / alum and rock salt. Scrubs Bugoy strategically, methodically, screamingly painfully with fresh calamansi and a more concentrated special calamansi formula known only to Doc Gerry.

Bugoy says with the light at the end of the tunnel he screams in pain each session but sees great improvements every time. This is the most excruciating part.

Doc Gerry has a strategy to allow the germs to migrate downward. Sweep from the top first. And when the germs are cornered at the bottom, kill them.

From a forum post on curezone.com http://www.curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=6057#i :

Patients with eczema have excessive levels of staphylococcus aureus bacteria on their skin.
Scratching can further worsen the problem with reifection and introduction of other pathogen, bacteria, allergens etc from under the fingernails (the prime method of disease transmission in humans in probably the fingernails which harbour viruses, bacteria, allergens etc.)

Enter my home made Cayenne Tincture

I made Cayenne Tincture last October 11, 2007 right on the day of the new moon using the instructions of Dr Schulze. Though this cayenne tincture is not fully mature. Yesterday we started experimenting with Bugoy massaging cayenne tincture on his skin. We are experimenting with spots to be sure there are no adverse reactions. We hope this will help his skin heal faster.

I also instructed Bugoy to drink 1 teaspoon of cayenne tincture everyday.

Oh Sunlight, Oh Sunlight

Bugoy is a pain and lazy in the morning. It is very hard for him to wake up, get up and get some sunlight. He makes excuses and hardly gets any. I will have to try harder and shove him out of his apartment by force since he does not follow me when I call him or text his cell phone.

Fight for fresh flowing air

I always have to come in Bugoy’s apartment and forcibly open and berate Bugoy about opening his windows for fresh air. He is used to stale, non-flowing air. He understands I need to be angry with him to teach him life’s simple lessons. Fresh air, fresh flowing air, day and night.

Sleeping schedule, resting schedule, dating schedule

I had to fight, berate, explain, fight, fight and fight some more to change Bugoy’s nocturnal dating schedule. Yes he can see his girlfriend, but only during the day! He and his girlfriend have a maddening nocturnal relationship. It is idiotic. The girl is probably nocturnal, the girl’s family is nocturnal. No healing occurs if your sleeping and resting schedule is out of whack. It is about rhythm. Good rhythm and I have to berate Bugoy every step of the way. Sleep before 10 pm. Everyday!

More details that needs execution and further explanation why.

2 weeks of carrot juice. 1 glass per day everyday.
Gym. 3x per week. For sweating. 1hr per session.
Sunlight everyday.
Fruits and veggies only. 90% raw. Follow raw Dr Tam’s recipes.
Replace apartment bulbs with yellow color, warm white.
Drink 1 tsp of sili tincture every morning.
No breakfast. Carrot juice only.
Sili tincture on problem areas of skin.
Salmon for fish oil.
Lecithin for fats.
Almond, macadamia and avocado for fats.
Extra Virgin olive oil for fats.
Virgin Coconut oil for fats.
Kelp 2 capsules per day
Chlorophyll supplement 2 tablespoons per day in water
Fresh Wheat Grass juice or Dr. Tam’s live green powder
Eat fruits! Fruits in season! Durian for superior fats!
Pepzin GI 2 caps per day
Biotin 2 caps per day
MSM 8 caps per day
Professional steam bath with calamansi treatment.
daily steam bath
bathe with tawas / alum and asin / rock salt
Pyroenergen 1 hour per day

The Pepzin GI – Biotin – MSM combo now running again

This was shelved under the request of Manang Lorna the herbalist to make way for her treatments. Now that she has finished, we can continue.

Summary of Cure Strategy

External offensive: Doc Gerry’s steam bath, calamansi scrubbing, tawas and salt bathing.
Internal offensive: Fats and Oils, dental cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, leaky gut repair, super foods, avoiding nightshade vegetables.
Mental and Rest: sleep strategy, rest strategy, living strategy
Electrotherapy: PyroEnergen will correct frequencies out of whack, alkalize blood.

At the end of this all, we will cap off with coconut juice fasting and then orange juice fasting Barefoot Herbalist style to regenerate everything to brand new.

Article permanent link http://www.eczemacure.info/article/view/211/

Update! Barefoot Herbalist replies to this article!

I stopped reading as soon as you stated you reccomend leaving the holes in the teethe; that is too much to ask anyone to do, unless your a CLEAN/ACID/STERILE FREAK such is Dr. Hulda Clark who has holes in her teeth and pours acids on them every day.

It also sounds like your going to a crazy dentist as well. These dentist that get off on the blood test, huggins/clark ways are into it for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

You don’t need a blood test, you don’t need biological testing, WE KNOW THE BODY DOES NOT like plastics/metals and poisons in the teethe. A non-rip off dentist just uses the least harmfull of the over 1,500+ plastics on all their patients and forgets ALL THE CRAP of testing.

You don’t walk around with holes in your teethe allowing bacteria into the nerves; “IF” you do the clark way, YOU PULL THEM, because he already has a CHRONIC ILNESS.

Cleanse the Kidneys
Clean the Intestines
all done every day for years to come

Remove all the metal from the mouth and if need be, pull the really bad teethe or have the mercury professionally removed and white diamond plasatic put back in place. AVOID the stupid dentist, 99% chance they will not remove all the mercury and only cover the mercury up with plastic. I am making a guess hear that 95% of EVERYONE who has had mercury removed and plastic installed ALL GOT SCREWED by a worthless dentist that lied once again and only did a ha;f ass job and covered it up so his patient would not know.

Then do fruit juice fasting and remain on herbs until health situation corrected. If the person has not converted over to making their own distilled water, they may never reverse all the problems, because their water was their number I problem in the first place.



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