Lilee: Born with Eczema, Cured via cleansing

A reply was posted under my reply in a eczema forum topic I replied to. It was Lilee telling her story of how she cured her eczema that she had since she was born!

I have had eczema since I was born…3 years ago I started serious cleansing because I was tired of my skin and many other symptoms…I started with colon cleansing and have tried MANY but find Oxypowder to be the best. It flushes your system with oxygen and magnesium and kills the bad stuff but helps any good bacteria you have in your system to flourish as they are aerobic. After reading Hulda Clark s book ” The Cure For All Diseases ” I was disgusted and scared of the thought that I may have parasites. She says that eczema is caused by the roundworm. I have had pets all my life so I considered this a possibilty. Very nervously I started taking antiparasite herbs along with colon cleansing and started passing roundworms. I was disgusted but happy that I was getting them out (they were dead so don’t worry). Anyhow, I have continued cleansing off and on for 3 years and can now say I have the softest and eczema free skin! I have not done any parasite cleansing for 2 years now as I have not had the need to. However, in the last year I have added liver flushing to the protocol and my health just gets better. Check out Andreas Moritz ‘s site:

I have several of his books and I really believe he knows his stuff. A congested liver will also cause skin problems. I am still flushing my liver and I can tell when I need to flush again as my skin starts to feel a little dry. tI clears up as soon as I flush. I wish you the best and I hope I could be of some help…:)

Then I ask Lilee if she can remember the details of her cleanses… and she did! She made a wonderful detailed reply!

I started with the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse and then followed with their full body internal cleanse.

It was expensive but I really think worth it…The colon cleanse was I think 5 days and included fasting. I did not think I could do it but the apple juice and benonite clayed it made me feel full. I could not believe the stuff that came out of me and I was not eating! Just like in the pictures on their website…I believe the internal cleanse was then 3 weeks and included all the parasite herbs. This kit cleansed the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, skin , lymphs, blood and killed parasites. The above link will show you exactly what was included. After I finished the above cleansing I then took some time for my body to rest. Probably at least a month or 2. I always intuitively follow what my body tells me it needs and I should have written everything down but unfortunately did not. I followed this cleanse with Clarkia tincture for further parasite blasting. Clarkia has black walnut, cloves and wormwood in it. All are needed to kill the buggers. I went 2 weeks on, 1 off, 2 weeks on I believe. Taking time off to let any eggs hatch as apparently the herbs cannot kill the eggs so you have to wait for them to hatch and then kill them before they can lay anymore. I included Renew Life’s ParaZyme with the tincture so it would dissolve anything yucky (wormish). Looking back, if I had known of Oxypowder at this time I would have added this to the protocol and probably had even faster results. As well as liver flushing…I wish I had done this sooner too. I guess parasites can be in the liver too so I may have killed them and then had them in me till I eventually got up the courage to flush. Looking back I am glad that I did the Blessed Herb cleanse as it did go deeply into all systems. But if parasites is your main concern I would suggest Clarkia tincture with Oxypowder. Also remember to add probiotics away from the parasite herbs (before bed).

I have also done the Dr. Natura cleanse. That one I did maybe a year after all of the above. I wanted my husband to cleanse and thought this would be a gentle introduction for him. I think I may have been parasite free by this time as I did not notice a difference until I added their product Toxin out. Wow, did I feel horrible! This one is for heavy metals…So I know I still have some work to do here.

Anyhow, now I think what works best for me is liver flushing using Andreas Moritz ‘s protocol. I flush every month now at the New moon as this is the best time for cleansing. Several days before the flush I use Oxypowder and then flush and then oxypowder following the flush. I will continue this until I pass no more stones!

I hope this helps…Cleansing has just become part of my life and each year I do less and less but it really works. I also have a very clean diet of mostly organic fruits/vegetables and rarely eat meat (actually never would if my husband and son would give it up)! And I noticed one of the above posts talking about coconut oil. I love the stuff and only use Virgin coconut oil on my skin. NOTHING else as whatever you put on your skin you should be able to eat. It is the largest organ and absorbs everything! It also has antibacterial qualites and probably would help with eczema…I have heard you can use it for diaper rash for this reason. Okay, sorry this is so long and I hope I have answered your question! All the best,

Lilee 🙂

Absolutely brilliant testimonial. Thank you very much Lilee. This is important especially for those who have very young children suffering from eczema.

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