My First Orange Juice Fast Experience

My 1st orange juice fast experience is opening my eyes to a whole new wisdom. A whole new reality of healing, of what a fruitarian is, of how easy fasting is, of how much great healing can be done. Why this “cure all” is real.

Please read my 1st Orange Juice Fast experience.
I’m just doing what is written in Barefoot Herbalist’s Book I. (see first few pages).

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One reason I do this is for my own health. The other is to pave the way for Bugoy. I want him to begin orange juice fasting this Saturday.

From what I gathered at the Ask Barefoot forum:

This is the cure all orange juice fast that cured John D. Rockefeller of his “incurable” disease and that smart monopolist saw how ridiculously cheap and easy it is to cure all diseases. So Rockefeller partnered with Carnegie and bought all the medical schools. Partnered this with their Pharmaceutical companies. Kicked out all the “unprofitable” doctors and branded them quacks: naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, etc.

Rockefeller and Carnegie did this on purpose so that allopathic / symptomatic suppression medicine and surgery were left to rule the US medical system, on purpose poisoning the system for their own greed. That is why the majority of medicine today is “upside down” medicine.

I am not being harsh. I just give a bit of history.

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