Zinc Carnosine, Orange Juice Fast, Raw Food

John wrote me email asking about my Zinc Carnosine experiment and here was the gist of my answer.
Zinc Carnosine did not do any wonders for my brother.
But I won’t stop others from self experimenting.
It did not do any harm to my brother either.

What seems to be working is the Orange Juice fasting as recommended by Barefoot Herbalist as can be seen in www.barefootherbalistmh.com. I’m orange juice fasting with my brother and yes, I can feel improvements and he can feel improvements too and we just finished 3 days. We plan a 14 day orange juice fast.

Barefoot has a forum in Curezone, do visit that forum as that is where I hang out now and barefoot’s fellow students.

The next step in my brother’s cure after a 14 day orange juice fast is a mono diet. 1 meal per day during dinner using just 1 fruit everyday. Then we will learn recipes and strategies for 100% raw food eating vegs / fruits or fruits only from www.living-foods.com.

Humans evolved and run optimally on raw food. No fire. Before fire was invented, humans had no choice. It is cooking that is the culprit. My brother’s eczema seems to be wounds that just can’t heal fast enough because of the burdens in his body. The burden of cooked food, wrong food, mercury in his teeth, other pollutants like lead which we lived with and pollutants from old medicines from ignorant MDs.

With a 100% raw food veg / fruitarian diet, my brother will see his final cure. I’m pretty sure of it. And I will continue to document his progress.

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