My right arm sprain is almost cured how about your eczema?

My right arm was sprained some 3 weeks ago. My chiropractor properly diagnosed it. Recommended ice packing every 3 hours for 4 straight days; and a sling to let my arm rest.

This started on a Friday when I lifted some heavy stuff for my brother who was moving apartments. Little did I know that I may have lifted something wrong in some direction. Whatever it was, I never suspected it to be a sprain.

On the Saturday I felt pain on my right arm. I was thinking it must have been from all the computer mouse activity while typing; I’m a web developer / computer geek, remember?

On Sunday the pain was unbearable and I called for our home massage expert and she immediately drove up and diagnosed my as having some strained veins. So she rubbed my arm and put some ginger and a cloth bandage to heat up my arm in the painful area. Which later on I found out was WRONG.

I was in excruciating pain. I could hardly find a good position to sleep without pain. I could not use the computer mouse with my right hand. I could not drive with my right hand. I could not eat with my right hand. I learned to be ambidextrous. My left hand had to take over. Brushing my teeth with my left hand was difficult.

On Monday my brother went to his steam bath schedule and acupressure expert so I went along and had my arm diagnosed. They said I had some veins that burst so they did their acupressure thing and I went home, still in pain. Of course this diagnosis was still wrong.

my sprained right arm

On Tuesday the chiropractor Dr. Brush was at last open for business and I scheduled a rush appointment. Dr. Brush immediately knew what to do. Test my arm to move / resist in different muscular directions to isolate which muscles may have been injured. This way, that way… ah ha! It is painful this way. These muscles have micro tears in them. This is the location of the sprain. Dr. Brush recommended ice packing every 3 hours for 4 straight days; and a sling to let my arm rest.

The chiropractor correctly identified the cause, the injury, recommended the solution. And here I am now, almost cured. Maybe 1 more week and my arm should be as strong as it was before.

What does this have to do with Eczema, Psoriasis or any other skin disease? My sprain is cureable. My body KNOWS what to do, how to cure my sprain. I did not burden my system by eating non-stop, in fact I did a 3 day orange juice fast in the 1st week of the sprain to help my body concentrate on healing. Knowing the root cause, the damage, and the solution worked. Knowledge of TRUTH is power, the TRUTH heals. In the same train of thought, eczema, psoriasis and any other “skin disease” is cureable. These skin manifestations are just SYMPTOMS of something else, usually much worse, that your body is not in top condition. Find the root cause, choose your solutions, and you will be cured!

Let us keep life and health simple.

The problem I usually see with the people I meet and help with their health problems is… everything I say is not western pharmaceutical medical (Question: If their MDs are so smart, then why are they still afflicted with disease? Answer: their MDs know nothing.)… and they don’t like the solutions (reading & learning new paradigms, cleansing, change of diet, exercise).

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