What I learned from my 14 day Orange Juice + Coconut Juice Fast

I just drank my last glass of orange juice tonight and while everything is fresh in memory I would like to record what I learned doing the 14 day orange juice + coconut juice fast.
For those interested in doing a precise or more correct 14 day orange juice fast, please visit www.barefootherblistmh.com

I modified the orange juice fast to fit my particular situation. I don’t have a distiller. So I thought coconut juice would be the best substitute since we have so much coconuts here in the Philippines. Besides, oranges do not grow in the Philippines, they are all imported and probably not organic, aka, not as nutritious.

Last glass of orange juice with water 25 Nov 2007, this marks the end of my 14 day orange juice + coconut juice fast. Note how much clearer my facial complection became after this fast.

What I did was to alternate drinking freshly squeezed orange juice and coconut juice when thirsty. Say 1 or 2 cups of orange juice at a time. Then 1 coconut at a time.

The first 3 days I felt some hunger. But after that no more. There was one evening where I “cheated” and ate some 3 small slices of pineapple as my wife and I attended a formal dinner at her corporate party. By the last few days, I even felt too full from drinking the orange juice and coconut juice, I wanted to even drink less.

Now this feeling is odd because I am not hungry. I have to figure out how to break this fast tomorrow.

During this fast I stumbled upon these websites:

What I learned?

– Fasting upgraded my IQ and opened up my mind to more learning, I felt a thirst for more new knowledge, a deeper understanding of things. Now I know why Barefoot says you need to do a 14 day fast to be able to master Book I. I agree. Learn by doing.

– OJ + coconut juice fasting is easy. I did not feel hungry. Maybe the previous fasts I did already prepared me for this one. I’ve done apple juice fasting, vco detox (very hard), coconut juice fasting.

– I actually felt energized. I was able to do all my office work, running my business, caring for the kids, driving around town. But not enough to want to sprint and do workouts.

– The same fasting was very hard for my brother who failed miserably due to compulsions and a new job he is still trying to fit in. He lumped all stressful activities at the same time: OJ fast, start a new job, find a new apartment, transfer to the new apartment. Utterly ridiculous.

– 14 Day OJ fasting is a boost, a gateway, a bridge to going 100% raw and mono diet.

– 14 Day OJ fasting cures “cooked food addiction”, cures “food addiction”. We don’t need to eat less nutritious cooked food 3 to 5x a day. Barefoot was right. Eating live raw food 1x a day at the end of the day is possible and optimal as the rest of the day the body is not busy digesting, the body can concentrate on healing instead.

– Fruit juice, fruits are better hydrators than plain old water. The water cure formula or the 8 to 10 glasses of water a day formula are based on cooked food eating habits. Frugivore diet turns this upside down. Coconut juice and dalanghita (philippine green citrus) are superior to plain old water.

– Raw is what humans are optimized to be running on. Maybe cooking food is something people should only be doing in times of famine, when ready to eat raw fruits and raw veggies are unavailable.

– I looked at my family and the people at parties eating all those cooked, devitalized food, not the least bit envious and wonder why is it only now that this truth about raw food has hit me.

– That maybe the raw foodists are correct that people are frugivores, not merely herbivores or green vegans. Fruits sure taste better, easier to prepare, and are tasty by themselves. Unlike those complex greens I had to mix and use condements on during the time I helped uncle Boyet in his kidney cancer cure.

– That a 100% raw diet is required of to cure cancer. That rawfor30days.com showed how fast diabetes is cured by a raw food diet. What more if we eat raw all our lives? This is the fountain of youth!

– That maybe the raw foodists are correct that being a frugivore, the natural and optimal manner of eating humans are supposed to, will take care of all of our nutritional requirements. From these raw ingredients our body will take care of transforming these raw foods to everything our bodies need. No need for chemical supplements or chemical vitamins. I’m throwing out all of them supplements first thing in the morning.

– Eczema, psoriasis, acne and those other skin “disease”? It’s just like me picking mangoes at the market. Skin blemishes are a sign of rotting inside, whether applied to fruits or people. A clean inner terrain ensures a clean, blemish free skin. I met Dr. Tam Mateo’s 13 year old raw vegan daughter… ultra clear skin, radiating with health. Awesome.

– Reading the other raw foodist stories and methods how to transition to raw eating, I discovered that barefoot’s oj fast makes the transition even faster. Because already for 14 days you have been consuming only live, raw oranges!

I sure hope the readers of this website can see this evolution to raw food eating, how I came to this stage.

We will see. Tomorrow I embark on a mono diet. 1 meal a day. But first to break the fast. My plan is to chew on celery for the fiber while accompanying my children during lunch. Then in the evening something fibrous too, maybe cucumber? Maybe chicos (philippine fruit)? Maybe senorita bananas? Will see tomorrow what I feel like eating. Follow my instincts.


  1. You are a wonderful person. Thank you. I do skincare and having a full blown attack of eczema in my 30’s has brought me to your site. I see how wonderful Vitamin C works in the products for anti-aging and healing/repairing. Why wouldn’t it be lovely to repair and heal your organs on the inside. Thank you

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