Bugoy Healing Crisis leads to new born skin

I just came back from a family vacation out of town and immediately from the airport I passed by Bugoy to see how his current healing crisis panned out.

Bugoy grew pimples before I left for a vacation, these pimples eventually grew all over his body. It was a freak show. I’m glad I was out of town. As it seems the whole body was pushing poisons out. Most scabs have fallen off and there is pink white new skin underneath. I told Bugoy this would not be the last healing crisis. Expect more healing crisis like this one. So many years of lotions and bad pharmaceutical medicines.

“The world will be a better place without dermatologists.” — Bugoy

(04 Dec 2007) I dropped by Bugoy to give him pasalubong (gifts). Red bananas, Karaw from Palawan. I Saw bugoy resting, sleeping, TV on, around 2pm. Scabs all around his body. Good sign actually.

It seems his body is expelling old medicines, old lotions, old toxins out the skin, all over his body. After scabbing, when the scabs fall off, new soft skin. This is a good sign. A sign that orange & coconut juice fasting / feasting works, that fruits have added vitality to his body and the body is doing its best to be rid of the old poisons from its tissues.

I found out bugoy had been eating cooked food every other day while I was away. Bad. Very bad. I told him to mend his ways and go 100% raw fruitarian. This is the best and surest way. I gave him a copy on his hard disk of www.rawfoodexplained.com because he still does not have internet in his house.

Bad that he let 20 coconuts I gave him go to waste in his house because he did not buy a coconut ax. Sign of current ineptness. He needs more help than I thought. I told my driver to buy a new coconut ax first thing in the morning and on their way back from school tomorrow drop it off at Bugoy’s house.

(05 Dec 2007) I came from a meeting and picked up my boy from school. Then on the way home we passed by Bugoy’s apartment. He was slouching on his bed in long sleeves with a t-shirt underneath. He said he just came in and is on the way out again to buy a refrigerator.

I’m glad majority of his scabs has fallen off exposing new born skin. Some scabs he scratched prematurely though. But the deep damage inside the palms of his hands and in the soles of his feet are beginning to disappear.

Bugoy says he has not put any lotion on his skin. Good. Bugoy says he has only eaten raw food (fruits) yesterday and today. Good.

I passed by because I dropped off 10 coconuts and 1 new ax to chop his coconuts with.

I told him not to drink water. Drink coconut juice and eat his fruits instead.

Just like me. I’m a living, breathing, closest genetic example of the solution he needs. I’m his full blooded brother, remember that. I’m raw fruitarian now for 1 month and I feel great. This is the ultimate yuppie lifestyle. Not dependent on cooks, not dependent on fast foods, not dependent on restaurants, not dependent on turo-turo. No need to drink icky plain filtered water. And I thought those fruitarians were nuts. Nope. They’re correct. Humans are frugivores. This is the delicious, convenient, most nutritious life. Absolutely alive and healing.

Bugoy and I have this genetic connection. If it works for me, it works for him. So I’m the guinea pig fruitarian. So far so very good.

(06 Dec 07) Update: I passed by Bugoy’s apartment around 3pm. He finally has an internet DSL connection. Bugoy did not seem pleased to see me at all. I can’t seem to pinpoint why but these past 3 days Bugoy is not happy to see me and would rather avoid me or not talk to me. Hmmm… whatever it is or whoever is manipulating him to think otherwise, all I care is his progress seems good.

Diet foiled again. Lunch time he ate cooked farmed fish (tilapia) in coconut milk sauce (gata) and vegetables. Cooked toxic crap again. I reminded him that raw is the way to go. That he must get back on track. He says he does not feel satisfied / full with just fruits. Of course there is the transition phase, all he has to do is eat more. The heavy stuff like avocados or greens to fill him up. Seems the peer pressure is getting to him. Or maybe he’s feeling better he thinks he can afford mess up again. I sure hope not.

He told me his girlfriend’s mother had given him some fresh bitter leaves to boil and drink. I tasted it. It was bitter. What worries me is he drinks it and does not even know what the name of the plant is. He does not even know what to expect from drinking the tea. Let’s hope it is beneficial.

Update in feeling cold! Bugoy does not feel cold at all anymore! Wow! And lotion? He put on virgin coconut oil during his bath, he said just out of habit, not that he felt dry or anything. Progress!

I was disappointed that day. I take great pains, expenses and idiotic adjustments to my schedule just to meet up with him and see him everyday and I don’t even get a smile.

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