EBook: Supplement Christmas Gift – The Wai Diet Cure for Acne, Cellulite, Constipation, Toxemia

Here is a supplement ebook that completes my message of health to you. This ebook is erroneously titled FreeAcneBook but it is really a complete diet health book in itself. Don’t be decieved by the word Acne. If you’ve read the first book I sent, all diseases are the same. All diseases are caused by Toxemia.

WaiSays: Cooking food creates the toxins that cause welfare diseases

This book agrees with the first book that fruits are recommended over and above vegetables for many reasons. This books adds the recommendation of RAW EGGS and RAW FISH in your diet.

My kids just love the taste of raw egg yolk and they just love salmon sashimi. We had a raw salmon riot over lunch yesterday. Every child for himself. Yes, even 3 year old little Tash.

This is the food I eat today. Basically fruitarian plus raw eggs and raw fish. I eat more on instinct. I eat what I want to eat, what I feel like, and what feels right at that time. My goal is to perfectly heal every little blemish in my body and be the most beautiful I can become. It is beginning to happen. People are asking me when they see me.

Why did I add raw eggs and raw fish to my fruitarian diet? I was looking for a solution to my feeling cold all the time. I live in a tropical country, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is ridiculous to feel cold given our temperature and humidity. I chanced upon the Paleo Diet, Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Wai of WaiSays.com and I choose Wai. Wai Diet is 100% raw food, very simple, and very easy for me to acquire fresh organic raw eggs and fresh ocean fish. I still hardly ever drink plain water because fruits hydrate me fully. Water just can’t match the hydration I get from citrus and coconuts.

Once I am satisfied tasting the enormous variety of fruit available, I can settle down to Barefoot Herbalist’s recommended longevity and healing diet of eating once per day at the end of the day. Literally fasting everyday for 18 hours.

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introduction, by Nick

Why should you care about what you eat?

What is a healthy diet? Does it supply you with all the vital and necessary nutrients? Does it prevent the intake of toxins and unhealthy substances into your body?

Does it relate to your skin, your mood (happiness/depression/energy level), your focusing ability, your bodyweight, and your chance of developing a disease or cancer? What about the current health issues such as your cholesterol level, diabetes, vascular disease, osteoporosis, cellulite and brain diseases? Your diet plays a role in your bodies health!

What exactly is this diet?

The basic concept of this diet is that everything you eat will be raw. It is also an elimination diet. It takes away the cause of food substances that cause acne, cellulite, constipation and other heath problems. It also provides you with all the essential nutrients so that you can sleep better, focus clearer, and feel energized.

It is primarily a fruit based diet that includes some animal food (fresh raw fish and fresh raw egg yolks). You can also eat shelled nuts. The fruits supply you with the energy (sugar) and vitamins. The raw egg yolk and raw fish supply you with the necessary protein, healthy fats, healthy cholesterol, vitamin D and B12. The unshelled nuts are a perfect source of healthy fats and high quality protein.

This diet was first developed to treat acne. Due to the influence of heat, substances are originated that can cause acne in those that are susceptible (as well as other problems too, such as cellulite in women). By following the strict sample diet, you can eliminate your acne with this diet. After you are 100 % clear you can start to experiment with munch foods. This diet isn’t restrictive, if you want to eat some delicious munch food, and least harmful, you can, but as long as you are aware of how it will affect your body. With this diet you will not absorb any harmful substances (as long you pay close attention to the freshness of eating raw fish and egg yolk).

Does this diet really give me all that I need?

Yes! We have a nutrient calculator so that you can submit your diet and see where it lacks any essential nutrients and then use this list to eat foods that have those nutrients. For nutrients per individual food item, click here.

Isn�t the bacteria and cholesterol in raw egg dangerous? What about Raw Fish?

Clean cholesterol positively influences your serotonin receptors; making you happy and helps you fall asleep. Of all proteinous foods, egg yolk contains most vitamins and minerals. Like getting vaccinated, you need to introduce small amounts of egg yolk to build your defense system, then you can gradually increase the amount. Sashimi (raw fish) needs to be checked for parasites or roundworms, which is rather easy.

What makes this diet different from my normal diet?

First off, you need to eat much more often. Instead of 3 meals a day, you need to eat 9 small meals throughout the day. On a normal diet, you eat enough so that it supplies with energy that will last you for a few hours, till the next meal or snack. With this diet, your energy intake needs to be constant, so instead of eating every few hours, it will be every 30-45 minutes. This way, your sugar-level will always be maintained and you will never lack energy as long as you have something to eat. You can�t overeat on this diet and thus you will never put on excess weight.

Why did we put this information on the Internet?

WaiSays.com was the result of doing research about the relationship between diet and the skin, where we looked for an answer to the cause of acne. The more scientific studies we read (mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies), the more we discovered about the deep and strong connection between diet, health and disease.

We had to publish our research on the web about the truth behind diet and health.

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Merry Christmas!

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