Eczema caused by pollution: soaps and detergents

I stumbled onto a discussion and someone pointed to a website called and I was pleased to learn this is a truth website again from engineers who solved their toddler’s eczema.
Smack on top of their website it says:

“The Solution to Our Son’s Eczema

How Knowing the Difference Between Soap and Detergent Saved Our Son from Severe Eczema

When our happy, smiling baby broke out all over with the itchy, angry red rash we eventually knew as eczema, we wanted a solution.

When nothing worked, we determined to track down the cause ourselves. It took us four months of detailed detective work. We were able to eliminate the eczema by eliminating the irritant  to our surprise, it was just one thing  but it was in everything.”

It appears from my readings of their solution, they found this out independently with some clues from another publication.

The same pollution avoidance protocols are stressed by Dr. Hulda Clark in her book Cure for All Diseases. Dr. Clark suggests the use of borax to replace commercial soaps and detergents.

The big deal about is that these parents have focused on the link between pollution and eczema pinpointing detergents as the culprit. Extensive research, history, product comparisons.

Some highlights from their observations:

“Once, the difference between detergents and soaps stemmed from the basic ingredients: soaps were derived from plant or animal fats, detergents from petroleum. Detergent chemistry circumvented some of the problems of soaps, such as the formation of “scum” in hard water. There now seem to be plant-based products with the same cleaning and molecular properties of detergents  commonly available in natural food stores  perhaps more appealing to some consumers, but a complication for solving my son’s eczema, because many of these products are not helpful in the case of his reaction, but they are understandably labeled as soap-based. Finding pure soap products  that didn’t make our son more susceptible to detergents by drying his skin, either was a challenge.”


“Eliminating detergent from our home environment turned out not to be as simple as switching to soap flakes in the laundry. It took four months of careful observation and detective work to track down all the sources of detergent in our home environment, and until we did, even we didn’t see that different detergents were the entire cause of the problem.”

Yes, we engineers rock in health truth because we have a keen sense of logic, observation, problem solving and the absence of dogma.

The parent website is and their accompanying blog is

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