This raw foodist is not necessarily vegan

I would like to clarify my opinion that I believe raw food is the optimal food for humans. That raw food for me is raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw eggs, raw milk, raw meat, raw fish. I subscribe to the notion as an engineer problem solver… to do whatever works… and everyone’s needs are different… as long as they are raw and tastes delicious!!!

So what are the differences? Some people thrive on raw fruitarian, majority fruits. Great. Some people thrive on raw vegan, majority raw vegetables. Some people thrive on more raw meat. Some people are in between. Some like possibly me are basically fruitarian but I feel I need small amounts of animal meat.

You need to find out what works for you. And please don’t condemn someone for not doing exactly what you do because he isn’t you.

For example, I could live on 100% fruits for a month and I don’t get hungry, but I did get cold, this is why I added raw eggs and raw fish. But my brother Bugoy gets awfully hungry. I get my fill on 100 to 150 grams of raw fish. But my brother Bugoy eats 500 grams of fish in 1 day. Maybe it is his current condition. I see that maybe my brother needs the animal fat and the animal protein for rebuilding his body. My guess is that our needs change over time and we should be open and adjust our diet according to our needs.

I have no religious notions about food. Please, don’t paint me in that corner. I’m a volunteer for Pro-life Philippines, I maintain their website, but I have no qualms about slaughtering animals for food. I do have qualms about slaughtering life for no good reason, like those bird killers who hunt birds for sport but they are not into eating them. I feel catch and release of fish is a waste of my time. I would want to go fishing for the sport of actually getting a good sized fish I can eat with my family, no more than that. Eating something you catch yourself or slaughter yourself is gratifying for me.

As for fruits, it is true that trees voluntarily produce and give their fruit to the animals because they benefit from doing so. Unlike vegetables that have to be killed to be eaten.

Papaya and Coconut juice for breakfast

As for water, my opinion is that the best water comes from the food we eat. All raw foods including raw meat is hydrating. And if you eat all raw foods you would have no need for water. It’s unfair for those who don’t have fresh raw coconuts, you have to settle for distilling water if you do need more water. Our fresh raw coconuts hydrate us superbly every single morning.

I’m just here to solve people’s health problems. If solving people’s eczema and psoriasis or other incurable diseases means I have to expose nightshades as dangerous, so be it. Grains are not good for health, so be it. Soya is not good for health, so be it. Western medicine is a big fat quackery when it comes to diseases, so be it. Pharmaceutical drugs should only be used in the emergency room, never on diseases. I spend so much on quality raw food today, but I don’t ever get sick while eating raw, so be it.

I say follow the truth, wherever it leads, and the truth is whatever works for you.

So self experiment. My current opinion is your food just has to be raw; the composition of how much fruit, vegetables, and meat is really up to you to find out.

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