Fresh Goat Liver: A Paleolithic Meal and a lesson in Freshness

I discovered that the EDSA Central Bus Terminal before the Trinoma Mall is a great place to buy fresh goats! There are five or six goat stalls there in that one terminal, all side by side, interleaved with canteens that serve all goat dishes. Goat heaven for goat lovers. You can buy any goat part you want, freshly slaughtered in the morning or right in front of you. You can buy live goats too.

The best part about goat as meat is that goats by default in the Philippines are organic. Fed only on fresh grass. There is no such thing as goat feeds. Goats need a pasture, sunshine, water, vegetation. So if you fellow Pinoys are still stuck eating miserable, stinky, sickly pigs and 45 day chickens see for yourself which animals are healthy in the Philippines goats and cows!

Fresh is important. Goats can be as fresh as they can be slaughtered in front of you. Or if you don�t like watching that you can just buy the goat they slaughtered in the early morning. I would think Paleolithic Diet followers would like to see and experience slaughtering in front of your eyes. Then you would really know if the Paleolithic Diet is for you. Brings out the hunter in you huh? You have to slaughter them to eat them you know.

Anyway we walked back and forth and found the freshest goat and the freshest 2 livers we could find. One liver was in the ice box with the freshly killed goat still warm and the other liver was still inside the hanging goat carcass. Cheap. P 160 / kilo for goat liver. And here they can sell you just the liver, not with all the innards.

So I happily take home the livers and experiment with my searing just like I did with the steak. My two boys ate with me at lunch. We seared some of the liver. I discovered goat liver needed a bit more searing / cooking. It doesn’t immediately appeal to my taste buds entirely raw unlike the beef steak that appealed to my taste entirely raw. The trick was to cut it up in smaller pieces and then sear them. Darn I dropped one piece and our dog grabbed it before I could pick it up.

Dinner time was goat liver again and this time we tried the grill with charcoal. We made thinner slices and let the maid grill it for us. It was still bloody fresh, all around our plates. But it tasted better lightly grilled this time. In fact the goat liver tasted great. Without condiments. The kids tried one of the condiments in the kitchen but found out it tasted better without condiments.

That is the lesson I learned and I taught my wife with this goat dinner. That for us to get the benefits of better nutrition, we must eat our foods without condiments. That is a page from Natural Hygiene. To determine which are our true foods they taste great alone. When you use condiments, seasoning, marinating, you are dependent on those artificial flavors. It is as if the meat you bought was cheap, bad, and rotting, it needs flavoring to mask it and pass it off as food.

Imagine, if this liver was in the freezer for a couple of days. It would have tasted bad if it were grilled alone. Just like the beef steak we had. Never refrigerated the beef steak was awesome in taste. One day in the refrigerator so so after 2 days I just threw the last piece away. But for the cooked eater with their LOW STANDARDS would happily cook the old meat with condiments happily eating low quality meat.

Eating fresh, raw or lightly cooked meats without condiments forces you to rethink the concept of REAL FOOD. The issue of Freshness is clear. Freshness is vital. The freezer and the refrigerator do not lock in freshness. Freshness is life to give life. As much as fresh raw ripe fruit is obvious to our senses, fresh raw meat is also obvious to our senses. Rotten, bad, old meat DOES NOT get healthier when you cook it. This is why eggs must be eaten RAW. You immediately see, smell and taste if it is fresh and good. Cooking and condiments obscures and covers up the rottenness of fruits, vegetables or meats and passes it off as food.

No wonder routinely cooked food eaters are sick! They are so far removed from the concept of REAL FOOD they cannot discern what REAL FOOD is. And if you cannot discern REAL FOOD then you are routinely being fed BAD FOOD.

I observe our maids. These people are from the provinces, the farms, the mountains, the sea shores. I take them with me to market. I view their faces, their frowns when I go out and choose produce. They instinctively know what fresh is. They used to make fun of me or keep quiet and not eat the fruits or vegetables I picked because it is OBVIOUS to them that I was choosing something already ROTTEN in their eyes.

So I urge you to learn to eat raw. It’s good training for you. Freshness is king. Fresh food gives life.

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