Michele Ang Cures herself of Eczema which manifested on her arm and leg


Michele Ang is a 30+ year old Filipina Chinese working in Manila and she would like to inspire everyone that eczema is IN FACT curable. Michele graciously contributed her before and after photos. See photos at the end of this article.

Michele began sending me emails sometime August 2007 and she reported her eczema cure via email by February 2008.

Michele is very determined to find her own cure, self educates and self experiments.

Here is how her first letter went:

Hi Edwin,

I finally managed to read your website. Actually I come across your post at skincell which they have locked and moved for review. I was disappointed but then decided to research at curezone’s website and chance upon your post!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey to find cure. My eczema actually come and gone. And the normal treatment the derma gave me was antibiotics and steriodal cream. Normally after taking the medicine and applying the cream. My eczema went away. But it came back with a vengence a couple of month ago. It stated with a small itchy patch and spread to my whole lower left leg (yes, left side of my legs only). It became very very itchy and oozzing with yellow fluid. I tried to put off seeing a derma as I know that they will prescribed me with antibiotic and steriodal cream.

So what I did was (upon the suggestion of my maid), to wash my eczema with hot guava and avocado leaves, and wow, it did felt good but it doesn’t heal it properly. After a week of washing it with the herbs, eczema started to show behind my left ears and I start to worry that it will spread to my face. Ah last, I went to see the derma to prescribed antibiotic and steriodal cream.

I ask her whether my eczema is curable and she told me “NO”, it’s in my genes. She diagnosed my eczema as skin asthma!!!! I just simply refuse to accept that and went on to research on an alternative natural cure. Like you, I believe that my system is full of toxin and I am finding ways and cheaper means (as I am only an employee) to clean my system.

Anyway, after eating the antibiotic and applying the cream, my eczema on the left leg did clear up but it seems to re appear on another place like my right hand, behind my back and etc.

So far, I did a liver and gallblader flush last week. On the day I did my liver flush, I notice my eczema doesn’t itch but did not clear. The eczema on my right hand seems to grow more rashes and I can feel the eczema coming back behind my right eat *yikes*.

Another cleansing method I did was to drink lots and lots and lots of water and juice. Currently I fast in the morning by drinking water and a buko juice. I will have normal lunch and dinner (viances and rice) and sometimes I have snacks too. Yesterday I did a coffee enema. But these few days my eczema are starting to itch again. Would you be able to tell me why?

Also how do I know whether I have candida or leaky guy? Can you teach me how to do the Virgin coconut oil fast? And how do I do intestinal cleaning with okra. Do I have to eat okra raw or steamed for lunch and dinner? Do I have to buy enzymes supplement too. I was thinking of adding probiotics to replenish good bacteria in my intestine (since I killed it with antibiotics). Do you know where to buy good quality probiotic? Will eating Korean Kimchi be good enough?

Oh…by the way my blood type of “O” and I can do away with chicken and red meat but I love seafoods.

Currently I am itching all over my eczema and trying hard not to scratch. And I am very desperate. I hope to hear from your advise regarding my condition and I will also update you with my progress.



Outstanding, the knowledge on the internet about true eczema cures is accumulating to the point that people can indeed find their own way to cures. The resources, the groundwork, the detoxes are available and easy to come by. We stand on the shoulders of those other great people before us. Sometimes, we just need a little company, a friend to talk to. So Michele and I shared a few emails and a few phone calls and the rest is history… Michele’s own cure!

Fast forward to February 2008. Michele said:

My protocol is quite simple.

I just sort of follow your Philippine cure protocol using locally available & affordable herbs:-


I think the MOST IMPORTANT protocol for me is detoxifying myself:-

1. Drink lots of avocado leaves tea & buko juice for kidney cleansing

2. Do liver flush at least once a month (I have already done 8)

3. Fasting in the morning

4. Bath and submerged my eczema in hot guava leaves and scrub with kalamansi and SCRATCH!! 🙂 5. And did colon cleansing with Dr. Tam’s Tea twice (the most expensive tea I spent on). 🙂

The others which I sometimes incorporate includes:-

6. Avoid food that my body finds hard to detoxify (so far I stayed away from shell fish)

7. Once in a while will have supplements like milk thistle or digestive enzymes

8. Try to have more fruits, raw vegies and steamed food. Sometimes incorporate food combination (but I am not very strict as you in this area as I still eat cooked food) 🙂

Just wanted to thank you for your very informative and logical website which has helped a lot and not too heavy on the pocket since you protocol is specifically made for us in tropical country where we can use many locally available products (in fact I got my avocado and gauva leaves free from my neighbor’s yard). I think sometimes why many people failed to follow through with curing themselves is because it’s too expensive.

This message makes working on this website worth all the effort:

“…you can put me down as a testimony for encouragement and hope to other sufferers that curing eczema is possible as I know the feeling of desperation and hopelessness. I really thank God that I chanced upon your website which you made the explanation so simple to understand and sharing it freely without obligation. Not like other websites, which purpose is to sell you their products.

More power!!


See Michele’s photos.

Michele Ang's arm with eczema


Michele Ang's arm cured of eczema: nice, soft, and feminine


Michele Ang's leg with eczema

Michele Ang's leg cured of eczema


Thanks for sharing Michele, may your cure story inspire many more.

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