My 3 year old girl is free of ear eczema

I reported June 27 last year that our little girl had eczema on her left ear. Now at 3 years old, Tash is eczema free. I will tell you how we did it.

Last year my girl was just 2-1/2 when we noticed her left ear had eczema. This child is the never vaccinated child.

I reported this here

We fixed our soaps and detergents. I stopped serving brown rice. I concentrated on more raw fruits, raw meats, raw eggs lots of fats.

Of course we don’t feed the children bread. And I’ve stopped buying unpolished rice for the moment thinking these were usually old stock or maybe it needs a bit more preparation. Fruits are better substitutes.

We got rid of all nighshades in our food and gave no budget for such. The problem of course would be the maids. So I have to tightly guard every meal. My office is 500 meters from our home.

I observed my little girl intently and watched her body language, the things she wanted.

Tash is ear eczema free now

I noticed my little girl did not like cooked vegetables. In fact, she hated them. She would usually be polite to pretend to be eating, but she was just consuming her rice and would declare herself full or finished.

She does like eating raw cucumbers dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some honey. That gets her healthy fats.

She likes raw fruits. Lots of raw fruits. So we invest in fruits. I disturb her lunch of rice which the maids like feeding her and jam her full of fruits. The see daddy eating fruits, so fruits must be cooler than rice. I don’t eat rice.

I introduced raw egg yolks and the children love it. At the start she ate the egg yolks with rice, but now she discovered the egg yolks taste better plain. She can eat 3 egg yolks in one meal.

I also give the children lots of cooked and raw fat with goat, beef, and fish.

Now that daddy is eating raw, the children are eating more raw.

I Gave her a few colon cleanses too with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea (just 2 tablespoons) and of course there is our reliable coconut juice every morning.

I suddenly remembered to check her ears a couple of days ago and discovered they were clean, eczema free. Great. As expected.

Raw food rocks. Raw fats are important. Fruits rule over vegetables.

Funny, she asked me that now that her ears were clean, can she now eat chicken?

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