Bugoy fat at 130 pounds, skin progressing nicely, needs some adjustments

Bugoy dropped by this evening and his skin looked better than ever. He did look FAT. A big bulging tummy. Not a shape for a chick magnet, that’s for sure. He he he.

Good time for him to drop by, I made some avocado leaves tea for kidney cleansing. I got him to drink a glass full.

I gave him a couple of fairly new shirts that are too large for me. Those in the large and medium sizes. I wear small sizes today, it’s the fashion too.

I taught him that the shape he is in today is buffering fat. Fat created by the body to buffer acidity. That’s not good. A healthy diet will give you a healthy, lean, muscular body.

It is obvious from the way he looks that he is consuming a low fat, high cooked protein, high carbohydrate diet. That comes from eating rice 2 times per day. Then eating too much cooked lean animal food.

I suggested that since he can’t and won’t do raw, then at least he should do a Homo Optimus Diet. This is 1 part protein, 2.5 to 3.5 parts fat, and 0.8 parts carbohydrates where I suggested he get his carbohydrates from raw fruits.

I also taught him what the good fats were: extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut meat, raw coconut milk / gata, raw organic eggs, saturated fat on animals like beef and even roast pork / lechon. Stay away from bad fats. No frying.

Personally, I’m on modified raw / cooked wai diet / raw / cooked homo optimus. My own style. Raw fruits some 80 to 90%. Zero supplemental water, raw coconuts are best. I’m achieving my goal of 2 pounds to gain per month. No rush. I want a lean muscular physique at 130 pounds in a few months. Bugoy sees it. Maybe I can inspire him some more.

I hope he adjusts his diet. We will know soon enough after a month or so.

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