Improving on Pagano’s Healing Psoriasis Book

If you or a loved one is suffering from psoriasis or eczema right now. You should rush and order yourself the Healing Psoriasis book by Dr. John O.A. Pagano. Use this as your handy reference. Then keep on improving on it.

I recommend the book Healing Psoriasis The Natural Alternative should be every eczema or psoriasis sufferer’s basic book. This was first printed way back in 1991. Pre-internet times.

Dr. Pagano improved on Edgar Cayce and focused on wellness and pinpointed leaky gut as a root cause of Psoriasis and Eczema, add to it the problem with colon, kidney and liver, which leads to toxicity in the blood. Psoriasis and Eczema is a problem of toxicity, vicarious elimination happening.

Since those times, our compounded knowledge has advanced much beyond the book. We should all thank Dr. Pagano for blazing the trail for us. For a few measly dollars, what Dr. Pagano knows, we should also know. And we can improve on it.

Here are the ways I have personally improved on the book’s suggestions.

Dr. Hulda Clark came along and added focus to the parasites as another root cause. Dr. Clark is also comprehensive with pollution awareness and avoidance. I do stay away from her supplements and vitamins as I find fresh raw food, far more effective and safer. Parasite cleansing herbs are proliferating. Zappers of all designs are proliferating.

Dr. Clark made me aware of dental cleanses. Mercury. Root Canals and other dental dangers.

Dr. Clark and others pointed out the dangers of personal care products, soap, shampoo, deodorants, even laundry soap.

Herbal products came up with more convenient and more effective colon cleansing means such as Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, Barefoot Herbalist’s LBB, Colosan, Oxypowder, etc. All perform much better and cheaper than colon hydrotherapy or the regular enema.

Kidney Cleanse Herbs are now available such as Barefoot Herbalist’s Kidney Herbs or Dr. Hulda Clark’s Kidney Herbs, of course my free avocado leaves tea and many more are out there.

Liver flushing information and liver flush support groups are getting more popular and spreading by word of mouth.

Orange juice fasting heals many things, including leaky gut.

Virgin coconut oil detoxing heals yeast, leaky gut, sweets cravings, cleans the colon, and does many more things.

Instead of picking out one by one the foods not allowed to eat or that which is bad for psoriasis, we can conveniently start with a clean raw foods, primarily fruitarian diet which is immediately cleansing for all organs. Raw food is key.

We have coconuts for good fats food, kidney cleansing, superior substitute to plain old water, and virgin coconut oil for nurturing the skin.

The Naturopathy book by Dr. Jerry Hoover adds more nurturing and common sense.

Natural Hygiene references such as Raw Food Explained scientifically lays down health in a simple, logical manner.

Barefoot Herbalist MH made tons of sense in helping me understand how everything works.

Doing natural cancer cure protocols work just as well and will probably more thorough as most people take cancer seriously. I take my eczema as seriously as if I had cancer. That is why I’m working at building a new body.

Dr. Pagano was diplomatic in his writing style regarding how wrong and how injurious the western medical industry is to eczema, psoriasis and other diseases. We don’t have to be. You don’t have to be. We can call a spade a spade because this is OUR LIFE, our body. All those drugs, skin chemotherapy (PUVA as Pagano calls it) and petroleum jelly, are harmful to us. Never use them. Never come back to them. And never recommend them.

Oh I most certainly expect that all of you who read the books, this website, the links will all get well. Much faster than the old patients in those books more than 10 years ago. We know a lot more. Thanks to the pioneers who wrote those books. We are standing on THEIR shoulders, on THEIR knowledge, we got this much further because of them.

And through your own personal self experimentation, you will gain experience and wisdom with a lot of conviction that what you know is real. No self serving studies will substitute for the truths we learn because our truth is self evident. We are the cured and we help other people cure themselves.

Be charitable. Help others after you help yourself.

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