My 2nd son has eczema / toxemia outbreaks scattered around his body

From the point of view of the regular western medicine indoctrinated person, my 4 year old son has eczema on his left ear, his legs, his left butt cheek and his right hand.

This all began with just ear eczema same as his 3 year old sister last year. I tried adjusting their diets by adding more raw fruit. More success with the 3 year old girl because she does not like vegetables. I would agree with her and just let her eat fruits. The maids in our home are still indoctrinated in the rice and vegetables mentality. I say raw fruits are superior, but I’m not always home. I’m not a full time dad.

Anyway on a separate post I already reported the cure of my 3 year old girl. The problem has worsened with my 4 year old boy.

I have analyzed and conceptualized a cure protocol for my boy that can be done this vacation. I will be here for him. I will have to confront the following obstacles: wife who would rather believe and let the anthroposophic doctor take over, mother in law who wants to administer steroids for relief, maids who believe a rice based diet is always the best.

My analysis of the situation: toxemia caused by colon problems, kidney problems and liver problems.

Last week I already administered 3 straight days of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea using a 3 tablespoon dosage in the morning.

A few days ago we had a vacation with 3 days of beach, ocean water and sunny days. The eczema raged on. The good news is pus formation seems to be happening. A good sign the body is still energetic.

While on vacation I only had barefoot herbalist MH’s tree iodine with me. I was taking 1/3 a dropper every morning so I gave that to my son for 3 days first to hopefully help him until we go home. I gave it twice a day. Morning and night on an empty stomach.

More than a week ago I tried gentian violet on the butt boil. Not effective. A new boil near the big boil erupted. Shows the problem is truly toxicity.

Last night my 2nd son admitted that he has problems peeing. That he pees and pees but cannot seem to quite empty his bladder. Great report. That means his kidneys need cleansing. Avocado leaves tea, here we come. He just needs some green honey in the tea to be able to drink more.

Then this morning I began Barefoot’s Herbal de-wormer on my son. I suspect a parasite problem. We have dogs in the house. I gave him 1/2 teaspoon of de-wormer with 1/4 cup of reverse osmosis water.

This morning he was given a bath and his ears and eczema places cleaned with boiled guava leaves. Clean now. I took some photos.

The trick is I have to feed him an all fruit diet for the next few days to cleanse his kidneys. Maybe give him fatty sources like extra virgin olive oil, expensive durians, and coconut meat.

So in a nutshell we are colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, de-worming / parasite cleansing, and going fruitarian- a cleansing diet.

Let’s wait and see and hopefully this gets executed properly.

Pictures to be posted real soon.

Note: If my brother Bugoy’s problem was special, this will even be more intimate, this is my 2nd son. I have no worries with Bugoy at this point. I just saw him and his healing continues. No new breaks in Bugoy’s skin. He’s just getting too fat. I told him to cut down or eliminate grains.

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