There is no eczema or psoriasis disease… only symptoms!

The words eczema and psoriasis are just shortcut profitable names to describe symptoms that obviously manifest on the skin. Profitable for the snake oil salesmen.
But we are not interested in their profits. We are only interested in cures, your cure, I’m already cured. Thus we come to the analysis that eczema and psoriasis are mere symptoms, symptoms that shout out that “Hey, something is wrong with this body, and this body has to resort to this eczema or psoriasis to survive, it’s time you did something to make this body healthier so that I don’t have to resort to this ugly measure.”

Again I call on the irresponsible profiteers who say “smile, it’s only eczema”… to shut down their harmful slogan and switch to something else like “eczema… let’s shape up… crank up our health and cure ourselves… now… because this can only get worse if you don’t take action.”

I don’t want any of my readers to go joining eczema clubs or psoriasis clubs like it is some kind of lifestyle or hip organization… NO. STOP. I want you instead to take action, improve your health to leaps and bounds so your body does not need to resort to eczema or psoriasis. Upgrade your knowledge, continuously improve your health and be cured next month and forever more.

Eczema and Psoriasis should not consume your life. At a point in time this will seem like a long distant dream and you will be busy with other more worthwhile pursuits. Of course do not forget to thank the wonderful people who helped you… ahem ahem… and that I request you to help teach and cure at least one person to spread the word, the truth and the cure.

Remember this, the words eczema and psoriasis are merely symptoms. The cause could be many different things, not just one thing. That is why my cure protocols are a comprehensive approach type. Leave no stone to improving health unturned.

Possible causes? Kidney failure, colon constipation, liver stones, no rhythm, hyperactive immune system due to introduction of new foods, food allergies, wheat irritation, job environment, chemicals, detergents, alcohol poisoning, parasite infestations, acidic PH, poor circulation, eating always cooked food, polluted water, metals poisoning, dental pollution, etc.

Having an eczema or psoriasis is great. No need for expensive, invasive tests. What you see is what you get. You do the correct things, you see the results. You do the wrong things, you see the results… immediately.

The cure? Do everything to be healthy. See my cure protocols.

P.S. I have a new website called, it will be supplementing my eczema and psoriasis cure protocols. I’ll be making links to that website for the things needed to be done. The summary will be here in, but the details will be there in

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