Bugoy May 2008: Fast skin healing, almost there, but FAT!

Imet up with Bugoy this afternoon at a coffee shop. He was studying for a big professional exam in 10 days. I was happy to see his skin healing tremendously. It seems to have gained momentum and it seems we will finally see Bugoy’s skin 100% cured / symptom free in a few short months. But… he is getting so fat!

So if you have been following Bugoy’s health for the past year or so, you can see the chain of events how at many times he was almost dead and now he has recuperated and is well on his way to health nirvana.

The new problem I see is he is fat. He is overweight. In fact obese. He is 5’4″ short and weighs 135 lbs. Calculate for BMI or body mass index and that comes out obese. Just looking at him he is obese. Unless of course if you live in the USA where obese is “normal”… ha ha ha ha ha.

The problem is his fiancee has told him to start “dieting” to lose weight. Uh oh, that spells trouble. I will explain.

Remember that November Bugoy miserably failed a 14 day orange juice fast and raw fruitarian diet? He has not kicked out cooked food addiction. Since mid November 2007 he has been on a normal Filipino diet of rice, vegetables and cooked proteins from chicken, beef, pork, fish. The usual cooked high carb, low fat diet, cooked protein diet. Hopefully clean and hopefully as he says without bread. Although when I met up with him in the coffee shop he had eaten a pastry as that was his ticket to spending a few hours studying in the place.

I have to help Bugoy change his diet to something that will allow him to lessen his fat and gain muscle.

He can’t handle thinking about health and diet right now, he’s studying for a big professional exam.

I told him anyway that I’m on a mostly raw paleolithic diet. And that I’ve learned a number of cooked dishes he can use. He can plainly see that I’ve been gaining weight, some 9 pounds now since January 2008 and I have kept my 29 inch waistline.

Since Bugoy and I are genetically the most similar to one another, he’s my younger brother for those who don’t know, he can go on the same diet I’m doing now and probably get the same results, probably faster since he is a lot younger than I am. 11 years.

The current diet I’m following is mono meals, zero condiments, trying to eat in the proportion of the Homo Optimus Diet of 1 part protein from raw and cooked animal foods, 2.5 to 3.5 parts fat from raw and cooked animal foods and 0.8 parts carbohydrates solely from raw fruits. This diet is easy. This diet is satisfying. Fat is filling and you will never over eat. At this ratio, there should be no protein overdose.

I am concerned that if Bugoy merely fiddles with the normal Filipino rice diet by reducing rice consumption and increasing meat consumption he will suffer from protein overdosing and at the same time lack nutrition. What Bugoy needs is a superior in nutrition diet that does not make him fat. That is what the raw paleolithic / homo optimus diet is supposed to give him.

I will badger him after his professional exam on May 14. I predict by Christmas time 2008 we will both have sexy new bodies we can be proud to show off. And I predict Bugoy will have crystal clear smooth skin in every corner of his body, including his legs.

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