Patience and Perseverance in Cures

So, you found your way to this website and you’re thinking, with the miracles you just read in the cure protocol, you should be cured in 1 month.
You could make that much progress, if you took the time enough to really read and ask questions to make sure you understood the principles of healing correctly. There is a lot of excess baggage in most people’s minds. Many times the ideas of western pharmaceutical allopathic medicine are so deeply rooted, many people think allopathic medicine is the ONLY medicine. Ha ha ha… funny but deadly and true. That’s marketing for you. Good thing the internet is now here.

You could make that much progress, if you actually changed your diet, consistently, every single day, to a raw fruitarian / vegan diet for the time being. Remember that I advocate raw fruitarian / vegan for the intestinal healing phase. When your intestines are healed, I recommend a raw paleolithic diet. Did you actually stop eating any form of grain, beans or potatoes? Remember to stop eating nightshades.

You could make that much progress, if you actually completed your colon cleanses. Say Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea says 10 straight days of 1/2 cup each night. So do 10 straight days. Barefoot Herbalist says as many LBB capsules as it will take for you to move everyday until you are fully well. For me, that is some 6 capsules a day, for some it is 8 capsules. Do it.

You could make that much progress, if you actually went to a biological dentist and removed all metals and dead teeth / root canaled teeth from your mouth.

You could make that much progress if you actually moved your butt and ordered a zapper and herbal dewormers and actually did your parasite cleanses.

You could make that much progress if you actually removed all the pollutants from your household as what Hulda Clark explains in her book, Cure for All Diseases. That means getting rid of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, creams, lip balms, deodorants, etc.

You could make that much progress if you actually gave up ALL those pharmaceutical drugs. Those steroid creams, those ointments, that vaseline, those pills.

Follow the eczema / psoriasis cure protocols or following the guide and do all the detoxes, do all the pollution avoidance, do the change in diet, do all the nurturing stuff and give your body a rest from all the bombardment of daily chemicals, drugs and bad foods. That’s all I’m asking of you. Rest assured, your body will proceed to heal itself.

Sure, go overboard, be zealous with your personal cure protocol. Don’t ask me if you can cheat yourself. Who’s cheating who? Better to do more than is required than fall short.

Oh yes, the fasts. Recently a friend did 1 day of VCO detoxing. One freaking day? That’s no good. I said 3 days. 2 days if that’s all you the strength you have. But 1 day? Where is the DESIRE in being cured with a 1 day VCO detox?

Then there is the 14 day orange juice fast. Unless, you are totally thin and undernourished, any sane person will benefit from a 14 day orange juice fast. Read Book I. Barefoot Herbalist MH says it is Book I is required reading. I believe so. When the mind knows the correct principles, doing the fast is easy. Begin with a 3 day orange juice fast. Very easy. But those who give up and just do a 1 day orange juice fast? Where is the DESIRE in being cured with a 1 day orange juice fast?

Ah ok, I see it, these are dry runs. Go ahead. Do the real thing NEXT TIME. Not to please me. But to please yourself. Being sick is unacceptable. After reading all the mind cures in, with all the new knowledge, with all the examples of regular people getting well, left and right, it’s time you got well yourself!

Eczema and psoriasis give easy visual cues, no need for laboratory tests. If you don’t trust your judgement, take photographs every week. It is only a matter of time and you will be well on the way to being cured.

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