Extreme Psoriasis “Miracle” Cure Story by Vanja

Here is an amazing extreme almost dying psoriasis cure story by Vanja, an expert on Curezone.com. An excellent example of stress induced disease. Your unconscious mind can induce any pain or disease possible to keep you from dealing with what is tearing you up.

I would note that the psoriasis of this man was cured by removing stress and doing the rest of the cure protocol of Vanja. So please do not be misled that you can just de-stress and that one item will cure you.


This is a true story. It happened 1996 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the first time I am publishing this story.

Extreme Psoriasis “Miracle” Story

I gave lectures about diet and natural medicine in Frankfurt, 1996.

After one lecture a woman C.J. come to me and asked me to help her husband.
He was in a local hospital in Frankfurt, dying.
He was extremely ill, doctors were not sure what it was, but called it “Psoriasis”.

Disease covered more than 80% of his skin.

Doctors didn’t really know what to do with him, how to help him, so they treated him with IV chemotherapy, as nothing else they tried was helping anyway. They were kind of experimenting on him with different drugs, hoping that something will work before he dies.

When we came to the hospital, he laid in bed almost dead with IV needles in his arms.

His skin was completely red and dry. He lost all his body hair, including eyebrows, and eyelashes.

He was extremely angry when I came into his hospital room, so he said:

“Why did you come? Please go home! Leave me alone!”

I said:

“I am deeply touched by what your wife told me. She suffers too. Four years she had to nurse ill husband, attend to her children and her job.

Four years you appear to be dying, but you couldn’t die?

Do You want to live? She can’t wait any more! You have to make decision if you want to live or die! I can’t help you if you are angry at me. Please, give me a chance.”

Slowly, he started to communicate.

I found that he worked in Germany for 23 years, and most of his earnings he invested into his nice house in his native village in Croatia, Southern Europe.
In 1992 war started in Croatia and his village, including his house, was burned down by Croatian militia.
23 years of his work was gone into ashes.

At that time, his mysterious disease started. It was getting worse ever since.

I said to him: “Man, you are still burning together with your house!
Forget past and look deep inside your soul!

Can you imagine a place were you would like to live?

If yes, what would you like to do?”

His almost dead eyes started to shine.

He said: “I would like to live on a mountain and raise cattle & sheep, but that is impossible. I have wife, children, job, etc.”

“If you die, you are going to loose your wife, your children, your job, everything”, I answered to him.

“They are going to loose you as well!”

“Only you are responsible for your life!?”

That exact moment his wife and I saw a miracle! The extreme red color of his skin started to disappear from his head downward, and was completely gone in front of our eyes!

He stood up from his hospital bed, he took out all needles from his arms and started to dress himself.

The next day he came to me to study about home remedies, healthy diet, cooking and lifestyle.

Several years later, accidentally, I heard what happened to him.

He started a new life. He became a shepherd on a mountain in Southern Europe.
He had cattle and sheep.

He also had a new wife, and a baby with her.
His extreme illness never returned.

What happened to this man? Why was he sick?

Sometimes, we have to go out of our life frame through a major change … or we would die.

Only we can make that decision!
In that case we also must take all the consequences of our decisions.

In his case, his decision resulted in better health, but was also followed by a divorce. His wife could not accept this new person he became. She could not accept to live with a shepherd, even if that was the only way for him to survive.

Sometimes, an adult must face a major change in his/her life.
That change may affect all people around him/her.
That change may be the only way for him/her to live.


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