Testimonial of child eczema cured due to dipping in the ocean beach

An eczema success story of dipping in the ocean. The ocean is our last bastion of pre-historic nutrition. Whereas our lands may be lacking in nutrition due to agriculture for several thousands of years, the oceans are still filled with nutrition. Whether it is the water we bathe on, or the creatures we eat from the ocean from the ocean fish to sea weed. This is the rational for taking sea salt or any of those mineral drops supplements.

From Tamara at http://www.topix.com/forum/health/eczema/T0Q4SFVLRTT26LQRP

“For anyone with severe eczema that lives close to the ocean I advise you to hop right in it!! My son has been suffering from eczema from 2 weeks old on, and has SEVERE eczema, his little legs and arms are so bad that he scratches himself to blood and looks like he has lizard skin all the time. Its very heart wrenching to see him like this all the time. He has been to allergists, but tested negative for food allergens, and he has tried so many steroid creams its not even funny. We took a vacation to Port Aransas, TX and my dad told me that when he lived by the ocean a while back, that his eczema spots cleared up completely in 2 weeks after a daily visit of wading in the ocean, and told me to try and keep our son in that water as long as we could while we were there. So we tried to keep our son in the ocean as much as possible and after only 2 days in the ocean he was so noticeabley improved we couldn’t believe it! His skin didn’t feel rough anymore, it was almost as if it were regular! So for any of you, like me, who don’t live near the ocean, you might want to check in to sea salts, or dead sea salts, or even some fish aquarium stores sell live sea water you could use in baby’s bath. I know I am going to try and use this new information to see what I can’t come up with and good luck to all you other sufferers! “

Then Paul replied with

“I went on holiday for a week. The weather hit 30 degress and it totally got rid of all my eczema for a few months. I always just taught [sic] it was the hot weather that cleared it. Maybe its the combination of hot weather, the ocean (sea salt) and being in a relaxed free environment.”

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