When you have done your liver flushes, try a high fat low carb diet

Many eczematics have compromised digestive systems.  The basic root cause is a congested liver / gall bladder.  This is why liver flowing supplements help to digest fats like apple juice, lecithin supplements, fertilized egg yolks.  Liver flushing every 2 weeks or continuous liver flushing a la Doc Sutter should get the liver back on line in a few months to a year.

Once your liver is functioning properly and emitting clean digestive bile, you are now ready to consume one of the best human diet variants: A Raw Paleolithic Diet – High Fat, Low Carb.

Definition of terms: Raw Paleolithic Diet

Raw means you do not heat up / cook.  Paleolithic means the food is in a more nutritious state, wild crafted or at least organically farmed.  This diet includes raw organic / wild fruit, raw organic vegetables, raw organic / wild forest / wild ocean animal food.

Raw Paleolithic Diet also means you look to consuming the most nutritious foods or most nutritious parts of the animals.  Say you include internal organs like liver, heart, the brains, raw bone marrow is simply delicious.  Ocean fish are plenty in my country and we also have grass fed beef and grass fed goats.  For fruits, pick the most nutritious ones in your area, in ours we have papaya, green indian  mangoes and guavas having the highest vitamin C; fruits can be fatty too like coconut meat, pili nuts, avocados.  Eggs are very nutritious, duck eggs, chicken eggs, fish eggs, etc.  If butter agrees with you, yellow grass fed butter is nutritious.

High Fat, Low Carbohydrate means you shift your body to burn fat as your main fuel instead of carbohydrates.  Check out some of my observed benefits:

#1 – You do not get hunger pangs… no cravings… no shaky feelings like when your blood sugar swings up when eating rice then comes crashing down.  This immediately gives you control, focus, you are not a slave to hunger.  You are sated full.  No junk food will entice you.  And you only eat on the scheduled times you want to set for yourself.  You will be amazed at how less often you need to chow down food.  No nibbling!

If you had given up grains and starchy foods, you already know you will lose weight and be slim and fit.  Fruits cannot make you fat.  Fruits can spike up your blood sugar but they can’t make you fat.  The carbs in fruits are non-fattening.  Same as the carbs in non starchy vegetables are non-fattening.

The old timers on high fat low carb say fat as a fuel is a slow burning, steady fuel.  So you get the picture.

Now for those of you who are brainwashed that fats cause heart disease… that is total nonsense when I recommend eating RAW FATS.  RAW FATS are beneficial, cleansing, nutritious, liver flowing, etc, etc, etc.  All hail, all praises to raw fat.  And when you eat raw fat, it makes you feel full just right.  Unlike eating cooked fat, you feel icky full… in my language it’s “nakaka-umay”.

So remember, do your liver flushes, and when you feel you are digesting properly, make the gradual shift to raw paleo diet high fat, low carb.

We have a support forum teaching newbies how to eat a raw paleo diet at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com .  You will not be alone.  I hang out there these days.

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