Told the teacher: No wheat, no wheat and no wheat for my 5 year old boy

First day of school and my 2nd boy who is 5 years old didn’t eat much of his lunch. I asked what he had for a morning snack. The class had BREAD! Aaarrrggghhhh…. they fed my son inflammation causing, constipating, dirty, anti-nutrient loaded, mucus forming, obesity promoting, non-human food… WHEAT!

It’s not their fault, they don’t know, just like most people. A parent thought the class chose well, that the bread was WHOLE WHEAT. Whole wheat, cracked wheat, partial wheat, wheat’s cousin… whatever wheat it is, it is ALL BAD. Any form or type of wheat is BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD.

So I trotted to school first thing in the morning on the second day of school to politely tell the teacher that my son had some dietary restrictions: chicken, pasteurized milk, and WHEAT. All forms of WHEAT are bad for my son: macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, pasta, bread… any bread… white bread… whole wheat bread… anything with flour… opt my son out. We will contribute fruits every week. My son has his own bundle and he usually has a fruit for snacks. He brought guava that day.

My son used to have eczema, just like me. His eczema became truly terrible. It was on and around his left ear, his butt, his legs. We isolated the culprits and they were all forms of chicken, all forms of pasteurized milk, all forms of wheat… and probably other grains… except for rice.

So my son needs an almost perfect paleolithic diet… the original human diet… rice works for him so it’s not technically paleo diet but close enough.

My son can eat all the raw meats his heart desires… but not wheat. My son eats raw fish, raw squid, raw duck eggs, raw fatty beef, raw wild boar, raw milk, raw liver, raw heart, raw brains… but not WHEAT! Brand it as celiac disease… who cares? My son eats like a caveman? I take that as a compliment. Like father like son. And we share the same birthday!

Teacher asks if my boy knows his restrictions. Yes, my boy absolutely knows what things are bad for him. He’s been sick before, he doesn’t want to be sick again. He won’t mind that his classmates eat bread and he does not.


  1. Bravo on bringing this point up. The modern diet is THE biggest factor in all of our illnesses. I am a psoriasis sufferer and I am on an anti-inflammatory diet. My derm thinks I’m nuts, but he hasn’t really helped me much. The paleo diet is a very smart move.

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