Dr. Henry Bieler: Digestion is the first line of defense against disease

Read what dr Henry Bieler has to say about digestion. This is for all you eczematics and psoriatics there who are thinking about that much rumored leaky gut syndrome. Here are the principles, and here are some thoughts on how to fix this problem.

In 2008, I remember one of my teachers Barefoot Herbalist MH always saying to heal the stomach with orange juice fasting, then with a mono diet, and eating but once per day. He said that when the stomach was back online, it kept your blood pure. Dr. Henry Bieler in his 1965 book Food is Your Best Medicine devoted chapter 5 to talking about Digestion: First Line of Defense Against Disease.

On page 55 Dr. Bieler says:

“When the chemistry is abnormal because of the ingestion of food that ferments or putrefies in the small intestine, the resulting products are irritating to the delicate lining of the bowel. The bowel either tries to get rid of the irritation quicly, which results in a diarrhea, or puts a spastic clamp on the intestines to keep them from proceeding further, resulting in stasis or constipation.

Thus the small intestine, with its rich lining of extremely delicate and sensitive cells, can be classified as the body’s first line of defense – fighting against the absorption of unnatural and detrimental food elements. Repeated absorption of these harmful elements produces in time an inflammation and a destruction of much of the tender lining. It is precisely then that the blood in the villi become so overcharged with toxic elements that these harmful materials enter the blood stream.”

How can the digestive system be fixed?

If you are constipated, the fastest way is to get a reliable colon cleanser. There is Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, Barefoot LBB, Colosan, etc.

If you are weak or sick, a MONO-DIET or eating of one kind of a food at a meal greatly eases digestion.

Going on an orange juice fast may help. 3, 7, 14, 21 or 40 days, whichever case is needed.

Eat only very easy to digest foods: raw organic fruits, raw organic meat and raw organic fat, steamed or boiled organic vegetables. Salads are very hard to digest. If you want raw vegetables, you must juice them. Follow the principles of the original human diet: The Raw Paleolithic Diet.

When healthy, you may want to practice intermittent fasting. You eat only 6 days a week. Your digestive system gets 1 day off.

If your intestines are filled with rooted candida, go for 3 day virgin coconut oil detoxes and root out the candida.

Digestion is serious business. We need a lot of nutrition to be healthy and we need to digest the healthiest foods we put in our mouths.


  1. Hi Mr. Edwin,

    I followed your protocol up to liver cleanse and i did them 2x. I have been stuck since June. I want to ask if i do a vco detox do i have to start back again with colon cleanse…liver cleanse? When i did liver cleanse i threw up most of the olive oil. Can we drink some water when we get thirsty during the whole process?

    Sir, do you have any modification with the paleo diet bec. I am a vegetarian and the reason for leaving meat eating behind is the stench. Pls. don’t take it personally, I am just really hoping you can help me.

    It’s so hard not to use soap & shampoo too. I have to put cotton gloves then rubber gloves just to wash my hair. I use non sls but my eczematic fingers dries up as i wash my hair everyday. I use a medicated psoriasis soap i got from healthy options only for my underarm and feet.

    I juice carrots though not regularly. I make sure I eat fruits before I eat my cooked rice & sauteed or blanched vegetables.

    Should i drink vco, or any supplements? Thank you for putting up this site.

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