Current health practices of an eczema cured family

I call my family an eczema cured family. So they say eczema is genetic. I say eczema is a wonderful survival characteristic. Lucky are those who are eczematic instead of tumoric. Tumoric is a term I invented for those tumor formers.

Eczema is your skin detoxifying your blood because the detoxifying organs cannot keep up with the job of cleaning up your blood. Maybe the flood of blood polluting factors is too great the kidneys, the colon and the liver are not powerful enough. Or maybe you are not born with the strongest liver. Sweating through your underarms is another natural body detoxing method but most people are into using anti-perspirants. So the rest of your skin takes up the slack of detoxifying your blood and decides to open up “ideal” skin sections the body designates as eczema… a second anus.

I used to have eczema and my 3 children have exhibited their own eczemas in the past. My wife has never exhibited eczema, I think her family is tumoric and lung detoxifying mucus formers. Today all of us have no eczema symptoms and we would like to share with you the things we do.

Me the daddy is on a raw paleolithic diet. That’s raw organic fruits, raw organic fatty meats / animal foods / fish / land animals, very few raw organic vegetables.

My wife and children are on a roughly cooked / rare / some raw meat paleolithic diet but with the addition of organic white rice as their staple. They eat raw organic fruits, some raw eggs, some raw liver, some raw fish, some raw beef and the rest are cooked animal food.

Pushing the family to increase their fat consumption with raw eggs, avocados, coconut meat, raw brain, raw bone marrow, raw beef fat, grass fed butter.

My chief complaint with my kids for their diet is they eat rice with the meat at the same meal. I believe this kind of digestive exercise is very hard and should not be done everyday.

Regarding personal care products my wife bought all organic make up for those rare times when she needs to wear make up at work related events. I do not soap and shampoo my body on a regular basis. The soap we have is organic and I used it only for my butt. I may shampoo after I get a haircut which is once a month. My children are soaped and shampooed maybe once a week. We do not use anti-perspirant, only fresh raw calamansi under my arms if and when there is an event. When on a raw diet, there is less need for a deodorant.

Children brush their teeth with an all natural tooth paste with zero fluoride. I do oil pulling and teeth wiping instead of brushing.

Household pollutants, we follow Hulda Clark’s guidelines on pollution avoidance and we do not use pesticides or toxic household cleaners or toxic dishwash or toxic clotheswash, it is all organic.

We do not have a television set in the house. Children do not watch television. They are not bombarded with advertising for drugs, for household chemicals, for junk food. Children are sent to Manila Waldorf and the school pushes an organic diet and lifestyle.

We are all eczema free now, thanks to trying to achieve a natural living lifestyle. Our adjustment are very recent and still ongoing, but they seem to be working.

Our only problem left is our eldest son, not of eczema, but of poor growth. It may have been the heart prescription drugs my wife took when she was pregnant with him and all the vaccinations he took when he was young when we still did not know that all vaccinations are harmful, and his initially poor diet during the times we still did not know that he may have primary complex. Our next attempt at his primary complex resolution is with beam ray treatments.


  1. Hello,
    It is a very good alternative to today’s plastic world.This should be an example for all people how to live normally, naturally as this were created by happy and healthy until death .

    Love Ya all

    Luke Skywalker

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