My 4 year old girl had ear eczema re-occur, it was due to commercial shampoo

We are temporarily housed in our in-laws’ condominium in Makati city.  As part of the adjustment process, there are things like the bathing of children we let the nannie do.  Little did we know that they were using shampoo again.  Whatever shampoos the aunts had in their bathroom.  Our little 4 year old girl started complaining to me that her left ear was painful again.

Could be the food, shall we go raw again?  Or maybe just drop the rice so she is on paleo diet.  Easier said than done with this little girl.

The easiest path was to look at what was new with her bathing.  I asked if she shampooed her hair.  I asked if she soaped her body.  Yes and yes.  So stop doing so.  Stop soaping, stop shampooing.

As predicted, it’s only been one week and her left ear eczema has subsided.  Cured yes.

My little girl is not built to withstand all those man made chemicals.  Of course she is cured.

Some commenters in this blog ask for the impossible, they would like to continue using their harmful chemicals on their body and expect to have cleared their eczemas.  Then they say there is no eczema cure.  It doesn’t happen that way.

The eczema cure logic in this website is easy. No shampoo.  No soap.  No eczema.

It was the shampoo and the soap that brought in the harmful chemicals.

No harmful chemicals, no eczema.


  1. mine has the same problem, same ear, what did you use?

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