Combination of Herbal and Suction Therapies is “Naigaikyoukou-Method”

Dr Tsai, the skin disease CURE expert who has clinics in Japan and around the world curing the allegedly incurable skin diseases tells us about his “Naigaikyoukou-Method” which he practices in his clinics.

From his book in page 80:

Herbal supplements contribute to maintain the flow of “San-tsu” in terms of Chinese medicine and serve to alter a patients’ constitution; at the same time, suction therapy helps to eliminate toxic substances (e.g. extra metabolic wastes) out of the body. I named this therapy “Naigaikyoukou-Method” because this is a pincer movement to attack causal factors of skin diseases from both inside and outside of skin.

This method cures any kind of skin disease. This is a proven method to get over even intractable diseases such as psoriasis vulgaris, which is generally believed to be hopeless and incurable, as well as AD.

Combination therapy will defeat every single skin disease.

Principles for skin disease treatment
1) Get rid of, eliminate, or decrease the number of allergens
2) Avoid taking excess calories
As you can see, my theory is very simple.

(see previous discussion on diet and avoidance of cosmetics)

Acupuncture and moxibustion are good ways to get rid of stress… First I apply needles at effective points on the back followed by moxa treatment to relieve the tension. The strained vessels are soon relaxed to regain good circulation of the blood as a result.

How to deal with the rebound conditions of steroids

Whenever you stop taking steroids after you have used them for a long period of time you will experience a rebounding reaction. You will suffer from far worse conditions than you ever have under the use of steroids.

These rebounds are wiped out in the following ways:
1) Prescribe herbal medicine that has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.
2) Treat the patient with acupuncture on the back.
3) Apply suction therapy which phlemobotomizes from the effected part of rebounds with needles. It is the most effective way to improve rebounding symptoms, although few doctors perform it.


  1. Niels Zonneveld says:

    I suffer from psoriasis vulgaris and are doing Pagano’s anti-inflammatory diet but can use some extra boost. Should I go to an acupunctarist ?


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