Child Eczema Treatment: Case of My 2nd Son Mish

My then 3 year old second son Mish was struck by several eczemas in his life. I would to look back and reflect on how success has come about.

When Mish was very young, his big toe had a non-healing wound which was diagnosed as an eczema. Our anthroposophic doctor correctly diagnosed his problem. This eczema was caused by a deep infection in the big toe with internal pus.

The solution was to dunk the toe repeatedly in very warm water to open up the wound and coax out the pus. We did this, the pus oozed out. We disinfected the wound with ampalaya leaves juice.

When Mish was 3 years old, he had an enormous eczema outbreak around his ears, his butt cheeks and his legs. It was a very tense time for us. Supplements prescribed by out anthroposophic doctor was able to dampen the eczema of our little boy Mish.

Through trial and error we found out which foods agreed and disagreed with our boy. We found that a paleo diet plus organic rice was good enough. But Mish was also allergic to shrimps, crabs and the chicken species whether egg or grown chickens, so we switched to ducks and duck eggs.

Several eczema episodes under his ears and we found out that he was also allergic to soap and shampoo. Today he is not shampooed at all. He soaps only his butt and his hands and we use organic soap.

In a more recent episode at 5 years old he got struck again with eczema under his ears and very painful eczema on the web of his hands which turned raw painful.

By this time I was confidently into a raw paleo diet and I forced the issue with my boy that he should also go on a raw paleo diet like me for one week. We were lucky for the school to be on a health break and so me and my son were able to bond and eat just raw fruit, raw fish and raw beef. And like magic within that one week my boy saw his hands and the rest of his body heal. This treatment was very memorable to him so he now knows that merely going on an all raw paleo diet is healing. Ask Mish what heals the sick he will answer RAW.

Lately this boy has been eczema free after that terrible episode. His ears are immaculately free of any potential eruptions. I have observed though that he now suffers from mucus, cold spells. I believe Dr. Henry Bieler’s observations that the detox channel depends on which of the adrenals are strong. Maybe since our boy is growing up, his body has now turned to mucus formation instead of eczema.

The treatment will be the same with persistent mucus. Just turn to a raw paleo diet. Stop the rice. Eat raw fish, raw meat and fruits and raw vegetables. That should do it.

This yoyo dieting with our children to be put on raw paleo diet, then when well switch back to cooked paleo diet plus rice, then sick again, go to raw paleo diet again will in the future look ridiculous. Why we swing up and down when it is obvious that if the children just stayed raw they wouldn’t get sick. There are also social reasons. We will get there, it will happen soon. I’m pretty sure of it. In the meantime just seared beef or seared horse is socially acceptable.

I think this article needs more polishing and pictures to support it. Expect editing.


  1. smilinggreenmom says:

    I know how hard this is! Our little boy also suffered from severe Eczema that left his skin raw and itchy and often-times, bleeding. We ried so many doctors and creams and medications too with nothing helping him to really get better. He was miserable and could hardly eat anything without it making him react. We knew how important raw foods were but it was as if he could not even tolerate these. It was until we put him on the Belly Boost children’s chewable probiotic that he began to get well. Really really well! It was amazing. Not only did it work for him, but he loves to take it too since it is a cute bee chewable and tastes great. It does not need refrigerated and is al natural. He got so much better quickly and can now eat all kinds of foods! I really recommend this!

  2. Hey, I’m Charlotte, I’m 17 and have had eczema since i was born, it’s really is a nuisance when i want to wear short sleeve tops, skirts & i can’t really wear make-up as i get eczema on my face too, at the moment I only use the DiproBase cream and Hydrocortisone for real bad flare ups, I’d like to use the Raw mean diet but I’ve never eaten it before xD, If you have any other ways to treat it I’d be happy to hear them (: just email me



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