Natural Remedy for Eczema is Striking at the Root Cause of the Problem

The word “natural” is in vogue now in 2010. Your product must be natural, your product must be organic. So every good marketer in town is into the new “green trend”. Hogwash. I want you to know that the Natural Remedy for Eczema is to strike at the root cause so you will be completely cured of eczema.

The root cause? You are most probably sick because you are currently not living an optimal natural human life which nature intended you to thrive on. Look at every mammal or primate in its natural habitat. Do they use soap and shampoo? Do they cook their food? Do they splash on sunblock, lotions and deodorants? Are they bombarded with man made chemicals every single day? Do they sleep when they want to? Do they take pharma drugs? It’s too easy. Most of us get sick because we stray away too far from the original design.

Eat only raw meat, raw fat, raw fruits and juice veggies if you want to eat them… do not eat salads or grass, humans are not cows nor goats, we only have 1 stomach.

Eczema or Psoriasis or Acne are mere coping mechanisms. Detox if you will. Alternative waste disposal. Your usual waste disposal methods as pooping, peeing and perspiring are not enough. You probably hold your poop choosing to poop only at home, you probably hold your pee until you get to a nice toilet, you are probably using anti-perspirant. It’s too easy. Your blood becomes polluted due to eating unnatural and cooked foods. You eat chemicals and condiments and slather yourself with chemicals and breath in polluted air. Your clothes are washed in harsh detergents with allergenic fabric softener. And you block out the sun with sun block lotion full of chemicals. We live in a ridiculous world.

Turn off your television. Turn off your western medical dermatologists. They are of no help. They live in the give-me-your-money paradigm. What’s in it for them is what they sell, is what they advice.

How many Good Samaritans are out there in this world looking after your own benefit for altruistic truths? Not many. Can you identify the good samaritans in the forums? On the blogs? They may be good samaritans with good intentions but are they credible? Are they cured? And for how long? Have they cured others? Learn from them.

I remember a Barry Manilow song. I made it through the rain, and found myself respected, by the others who, got rained on too, and made it through…. hint… they hang out in … and primal diet forums … the people who were cured of allegedly incurable diseases.

You have to be able to discern… to look through the matrix of the give-me-your-money paradigm to be able to see the truth. True natural remedy cures for eczema exist… and it is not about taking your money… real healers are poor. There is no money in real healing. So when you are treated a real healer, pay up. Pay up as much as you may have paid your medical doctor. I’ll bet your MD raked in lots of $$$ because he charged you for it. Real natural healers don’t know how to charge, it’s not in their nature to be greedy.

The Natural Remedy for Eczema cure is going back to nature. Go back 100,000 years in time and what have people got during that time? Live as close to that as much as possible. It’s what I describe in the eczema cure protocols of this website.


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