Oil Pulling gives Fat. Liver stones caused by Low Fat Diet. How to do a High Fat Diet.

Here is a cut from some posts I made on Curezone trying to help teach the still sick about the basics of healing. There was a great contributor who suggested oil pulling as a detox method. I chimed in that oil pulling was detox plus providing fat in the morning… I know so because if you do oil pulling mornings it will activate your poop reflex… try it.

Thanks for the tip on oil pulling.
I do oil pulling myself.
It is superior to tooth brushing.

I observe that oil pulling provides FAT, sublingualy absorbed (under the tongue).

Some people are so FAT DEFICIENT any fat does them good.


The SAD food pyramid low fat, the 80/10/10 madness low fat.

Humans are FATIVORES.

We crave fat, we want fat.

But because humans have been cooked twisted in mindset they cook their fats!

That’s why the “best” fats in the mass media is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (raw fat) and Virgin Coconut Oil (raw fat).

But if you ask the RAW OMNIVORE community, those plant fats are far INFERIOR to RAW ANIMAL FATS which are the TRUE RAW FATS humans should be eating.

Raw Eggs
Raw fish fat
Raw beef live muscle fat
Raw sheep fat
Raw bone marrow

If you eat a lot of raw fat with your meals, say eat 2 or 3x a day spaced properly, your liver will be FLUSHED each time!!!!

In fact a Liver Flush / cleansing by itself is to eat 12 or more RAW EGGS a day.

ANIMAL FAT, FAT, FAT RAW FAT is the ultimate BOMB which will cleanse, lubricate, hydrate your body and cure your liver.

Yes I live on a raw omnivore diet, high fat, low carb.


What is a high fat diet? In what proportions?

See the Homo Optimus Diet for proportions.

I suggest the food should be RAW instead of cooked.

Raw carbs, raw protein, raw fat.

Visit http://homodiet.netfirms.com/

The ideal proportion between the main food components of protein, fat and carbohydrates should be in the range of :

1 : 2.5 – 3.5 : 0.5

In my experience, I had always thought that being hungry shaking before lunch or dinner was normal. Now I know these were hypoglycemic symptoms. Ever since I had switched to a high fat diet, all hypoglycemic symptoms disappeared! It was only then did I realize how bad my daily blood sugar ups and downs were as a former high carb dieter was… the “normal” Filipino rice diet was causing this daily roller coaster. In my transition days from high carb to high fat I would curse myself during the times I would feel hypoglycemic symptoms… meant I had eaten too much carbs and spiked my blood sugar up then crashed down… after a while I had habitually judged how much fat and how much less carbs to eat so I do not get hypoglycemic symptoms. Now I’m happy and steady burning fat during the whole day. I get hungry when I’m hungry but never any more the shaking and hunger pangs linked to blood sugar ups and down crashes.

In the meantime, please follow the homo optimus diet proportions so you know how to execute a high fat diet. Remember if you are still sick, RAW FAT is the key. RAW FAT will heal you, stop inflammation, cleanse you.

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