Home Inspection to help cure Infant Psoriasis

I went home inspecting today to help a 6 month old boy with his very visible psoriasis on his checks and chest area. He is fully breast fed, no solid food yet. He’s so plump and jolly looking handsome. Oh, he’s afraid of me. But on to the inspection.

Laundry, check, they already got organic soap. I suggested they use the same organic soap for dishwash.

Food. Big fail here, lots of things to adjust:
– don’t eat bangus, tilapia and hito; these are farmed fish, dirty animals fed with dirty feeds.
– they have stopped buying chicken.
– they have pork, please switch to grass fed beef.
– they are using instant flavor mixes… very bad, make all condiments from scratch, from natural, organic ingredients.
– rice should be changed to organic rice. Try Ifugao organic, only 1,000 per 25 kilos. Cook rice in pyrex or stainless steel, the aluminum rice cookers impart aluminum.
– get rid of all those tomato based stuff in the condiments like tomato ketchup, banana ketchup, tomato sauce, what I’m trying to say is, no to nightshades, saw some potatoes too.
– change factory vinegar to real fermented provincial vinegar
– change pressed soy sauce to fermented and brewed soy sauce
– drop the monggo seeds and all the beans in the refrigerator, they impair kidney function, impaired kidney function means less blood cleansing, where mother’s milk is an extension of her blood.
– mother needs to take probiotics as well, baby is given probiotics, mother should have it too!
– additional fruits, try water melons and fresh coconuts
– also have the mother do kidney cleanses with avocado leaves tea to immediately cleanse her kidneys.

They’ve learned their lesson with wheat. One time mother ate donuts and the following day, her child flared up.

That is it for now, more in the future.

Explained to the parents that there is nothing wrong with the child. He is merely exhibiting detox. Whether he has toxins from the mother while in eutero, or mother’s milk is polluted with things that are not for him. Thank your lucky stars your kid can detox through his skin. There are children who instead form tumors.


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