Infant Psoriasis with 7 month old baby improved 90% after 2 weeks of Adjustments: Proof our Cure Protocol Works

Just another day in paradise. Remember 2 weeks ago I visited a 7 month old infant with psoriasis on his face and chest? Gave the parents a referral to a good holistic doctor, then I visited their home for on-site inspection and pointed out various dietetic errors of artificial flavors, factory farmed meats, inflammation causing wheat and nightshades, artificial condiments of artificial soy sauce and artificial vinegar, and all the wrong fats with hydrogenated cooking oils… etc. Infant psoriasis down 90% in 2 short weeks. Oh so predictable.

First of all, the underlying cause of eczema and psoriasis are the same. The effects may be different, with eczema skin thinning and psoriasis skin thickening, but the underlying cause is the same, and of course the cure protocol is the same. Call it the eczema cure protocol or the psoriasis cure protocol and it is the same.

I congratulate the father of the infant for steadying the fears of his wife regarding their son. He bought the cure child eczema book. His wife initially wanted a western medical doctor and was ready to accept steroids, but the father had had enough of western medical doctors in his day. So they went to the holistic doctor to appease his wife, this doctor had a western MD degree but learned the upside down logical errors of western medicine. They were suggested probiotic supplements and real vinegar. And absolutely no steroids. I heard they also had pediatric zinc supplements.

I congratulate the mother for enduring changes in her life for her son. It is always inconvenient to adjust your diet and lifestyle when she herself had no symptoms, only her infant who was fully breast fed. The quality of her milk had everything to do with her son’s psoriasis. That she did. They were still in love with pork, but maybe soon they will make the switch to beef.

When my family made our changes, these were incremental, as we learned through the years. But with our successful experience nowadays, you do not need to wait long, you just need to make your checklist and do it. We have blazed the trail for you, the eczema / psoriasis cure protocol is written down publicly for all to see. You merely need to just do it. Accept the changes, you will know they are correct, because it will work. This is real science. We stake our claim proud and stern that we are the guardians of the real science to the cause and cure of psoriasis.

So to you parents who’s children are still exhibiting psoriasis or eczema. Stop procrastinating! Read up on my psoriasis / eczema cure protocol, make your check list, work and make the adjustments in your life. You owe it to your children.


  1. Keith Figari says:

    Hi, I saw this on craiglist so I thought I might contact you. I had psoriasis when I used to live downstairs in my basement. Once I moved upstairs, it got better. Downstairs there is a lot of humidity because the house was built on top of a spring and there is also radon. Whatever caused it, maybe a combination of things, it is now better. A few years ago the woman who cuts my hair told me about another woman whose hair she had cut when she was still alive who for many years had psoriasis and then developed and died from liver cancer. My veterinarian always did some sort of tests for certain internal organs (liver test?) on my cat whenever she would start to lose her fur in places. Vets believe that when there is some sort of skin problem because the skin is the largest organ of elimination that there is maybe a toxic condition in the liver (the liver handles many toxins in the body). Because of these things for awhile now I have thought that perhaps some cases of psoriasis occur because of a toxic liver. A good way to treat a toxic liver would be to do an ozonated drip infusion of 125,000mg liquid vitamin C into the portal vein which is accessible to a needle site injection near to the anal opening. William Turska was a naturopath who lived in Mist, OR and developed a treatment for many liver problems by ozonating the portal vein with a special gun which he had developed. Ed McCabe (Flood Your Body With Oxygen) went out and videotaped him while he was doing this before he died. Unfortunately people have had problems duplicating his results as it is dangerous to do direct IV injections as it could cause gas embolisms if more than 20cc are administered at one time. So there have been some problems duplicating what he did so I was thinking that maybe just a drip infusion of vitamin C which was ozonated would really alleviate a lot of liver problems. With liver cancer one could even add L-arginine to the mix (see Ellen Browns book Forbidden Medicine about Jimmy Keller who cured all stages of cancer all the time with arginine, another suppressed therapy). Jimmy wasn’t a doctor but cured people all the time who had terminal cancer. I am not a doctor either, just very interested in all this. Oh yeah, the portal vein goes up and completely fans out into the liver and approximately 65% of the blood that gets into the liver comes from the portal vein, the hepatic artery delivers the other 35%. Anyhow, I have been drinking ozonated water now for almost 3 years and the psoriasis has never come back. Three things which really cleanse the liver are essiac tea (only the sheep sorrel has ever been injected and at times can cause anaphylactic shock, it is probably better to drink the 4 herb tea), vitamin C and ozone. A good book about essiac is Mali Klein’s The Essiac Book.

  2. Fred Golden says:

    Spray some 2.5 PH Kangen water on the exzema and it will go away in about 4 weeks.

    Not sure why it worked, but it did. Also drinking the 9.5 PH Kangen water seems to help too. It also reduced the need for diabetic medications as well.


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