Eczema Cure is Clean Food First, Herbs Last and Drugs Never

I get irritated sometimes when people ask me if this herb or that herb is good for eczema. You know, with my experience in healing eczemas and many other diseases, it becomes apparent that food is indeed the best medicine. I mean, you have to know what real food is. You know, paleo diet. Raw paleo diet even better.

Herbs? Usually they aren’t needed unless you have messed up real bad. But look at the example of the 7 month old infant, or my son at 5 years old, my 3 year old girl, my eldest boy, did they need any herbs? No. No. and No. All they needed was the appropriate food. Paleo diet, the original diet of humans. Human compatible food. Meat, fruit, veggies and no polluting condiments. Rice for the addicts, but you know it’s the worst combination with cooked meat, but rice is passable. But when the going gets tough, you get rid of rice. When the going gets tougher, get rid of all condiments, and even tougher, get rid of cooking altogether.

When do herbs come in? Minor relief? Confidence booster? Placebo to make the superstitious feel better? And only when the going is really tough. Herbs Last. For example if there are secondary infections because of extreme long time eczema or long time thick skin psoriasis, herbs may be of limited use to correct the damage done by drugs.

The curing of eczema usually does not require anything exotic. It’s just good clean food. Organic animals / ocean wild animals, organic veggies, organic fruits. Anything else you add is fluff and most probably polluting – chemical condiments, cooking oils, flavor mixes – if you have to flavor your food – you are making bad raw material palatable.

Really good food is delicious by itself to un-corrupted taste buds. Think about that for some time. Let it sink in.

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