How to Eat Live Oysters and Raw Salmon Like a Caveman

Thank you to fellow raw paleo dieter Sully, in this short video he narrates how to eat live oysters and raw salmon. It is vitally important that you eat these 2 kinds of foods RAW! Oysters have the highest organic zinc in any food and wild salmon has pure raw Omega 3 fats as your anti inflammation nutrition. Both have raw protein that digests fast and easy. Plus these items are absolutely delicious when raw. No condiments needed, just pure animal food.

Curing eczema or curing psoriasis merely involves going back to nature, back to our roots as true humans. The food most people “normally” eat today are in fact abnormal, not found in nature, and processed to the detriment of the consumer. The human body is one of the finest creations of nature. Almost perfect, our bodies instinctively knows what to do in our own best interest. You have eczema or psoriasis because it is in the best interest for your body to do so. If you suppress the eczema or psoriasis detox process, then you will incur injury, damage and death just as the multitudes who have taken steroids and other drugs that seek to suppress eczema and psoriasis symptoms which means toxins are kept inside bottled up in the body, in your lymph, in your fats, in your organs and when there is no longer any place to stuff the toxins, you may form tumors or may just die of blood toxicity. I kid you not, my brother almost died of psoriasis medical treatments.

So please stop taking those artificial fish oil supplements. Eat raw wild salmon or other wild fatty fish like blue marlin / swordfish and raw tuna. Stop taking those rock zinc supplements, raw oysters will do a much better and more effective job if you are zinc deficient. Real raw food is the most powerful medicine on earth! Herbs are mere tools!

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