7 Year Old Eczematic Boy Refuses Crabs, Told to Stop Eating Bread

My 7 year old boy has some discipline in him. He knows he gets eczema symptoms from foods he is allergic to. He remembers shrimp and crabs. Last night I was having some lightly steamed crabs with oozing yummy orange tomale (alige) / crab eggs… nutritious good. I offered crabs to my 7 year old boy. He refused! Said he was allergic to crabs and wouldn’t want to risk it. Hmmm….. good boy, he has a mind of his own.

This morning I saw him eating some bread, no doubt his grandpa gave it to him. He was alone at the table at that time. I sternly reminded him that bread wasn’t for him either. Wheat is a prime suspect in eczematic people. He easily dropped the bread. Good boy!

This boy is thriving lately on a cooked paleo diet plus organic rice. He knows he should be shampooing merely once a week and touches under his ears to see if he has eczema, usually no sign.

He scratches his legs sometimes, gets a nick or two. He isn’t fully adapted to a mostly cooked diet. No one is fully adapted to a mostly cooked diet.

It’s Christmas break and the kids are home, time to offer a more regular fare of lightly seared fatty beef which they had at lunch today. Add your own himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper. I don’t really recommend condiments but the kids get to appear more normal with their grandparents with their seared steaks. They also get to eat more with those simple condiments which is a plus because they are growing.

We had lightly steamed organic broccoli and cauly flower from Herbana Farms… my 7 year old boy got greedy about the broccoli and tried eating it all. Lucky me I got to taste 2 pieces. I only serve vegetables once or twice a week, I try to make sure it is organic, and with Herbana Farms on weekends available, I can be sure they didn’t use toxic pesticides or herbicides in their vegetables.

The whole point of this post is an observation that yes I feel I’ve installed a sense of discipline in my 7 year old boy about what items are good and bad for him and he has no bad feelings about not eating certain foods. In school pot locks he doesn’t feel bad if he’s the only one not eating pizza, it’s just not for him. Pork barbecue is fine with him and he’s happy with that.

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