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Child Eczema Cure: Olive Oil Enema then Orange Juice Fast Day

For the past week we cycled topicals on the last few eczema spots on my son. Fusidic acid, blessed virgin coconut oil with special ashes, oregano oil in progressively higher concentrations in virgin coconut oil… and at times Barefoot Herbalist Spray III… painful stuff but we get to know where it still hurts and what is still eczema. [Read more…]

Child Eczema Cure: Dental Cleanse Finished – 2 Temporary Upper Right Quarter Decayed Teeth Extracted

At last, this afternoon came the end of my son’s dental cleanse portion of his eczema cure protocol. This afternoon the biological dentist extracted 2 decayed temporary teeth from the upper right quarter of his mouth. The permanent teeth are waiting to emerge. [Read more…]

Child Eczema Cure: Raw Milk Therapy Ends, Lower Right Molar Extracted

Today was a big day for my boy. Today marked the end of his raw milk therapy. In the past few days he has been getting colds. Mucus. Especially with the air conditioner. We are suspecting raw milk overdose. The last straw was this morning. Constipation. Got tired pooping out the entire contents of his length of the colon. That’s it, raw milk is over. And the poop is dark brown. So mission accomplished on that score. [Read more…]