Child Eczema Cure: Dental Cleanse Finished – 2 Temporary Upper Right Quarter Decayed Teeth Extracted

At last, this afternoon came the end of my son’s dental cleanse portion of his eczema cure protocol. This afternoon the biological dentist extracted 2 decayed temporary teeth from the upper right quarter of his mouth. The permanent teeth are waiting to emerge.

But the biological dentist saw that the permanent teeth have signs of decay and need filling. No, not this time, and not yet. You see, I’ve been working on my son’s case and I am fixing him up to the point where his small and large intestines will have healed immensely and his absorption of minerals improved, then raw paleo diet nutrition will cure all his tooth decay. And this is important and something I have to fight it out for him.

For maintenance of his teeth, my boy needs to do the 3 step maintenance process:

– oil pulling
– flossing
– tooth brushing

Oil pulling prepares the tar tar deposits for easy removal and softens all food particles stuck in between teeth for easy flossing.

Status of his skin is last week, after his lower right molar was pulled, he had a relapse of some bacterial infections. I was out of town for 4 days and when I came back, he was not doing well. I restarted the guava leaves tea in bath, fusidic acid, added oregano oil and also virgin coconut oil with special enchantment.

Biological dentist says maybe the pulling of his molar last week may have made his immune system stronger, thus able to pump out more eczematic dirt. Maybe. But I’m guessing more that fusidic acid wasn’t enough to finish the job by itself, and this is why I added oregano oil and virgin coconut oil. For me, they are just secondary infections in his butt area and back of knees. And they are diminishing again.

I still have to remember to go and do new extra virgin olive oil enemas on him to make sure his large intestines are cleared of all pockets.

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