Paleo Diet Raw Food Lecture For My 9 Year Old Boy on Detox Including Eczema

For the past weeks now my 9 year old boy has had a cough and cold.  I let my wife enjoy her trying to cure our son through her various anthroposophic concoctions and she even had me buy a nebulizer machine.  She’s at her wits end as to why our boy still is not getting well.  So I volunteered to again for the nth time put our boy on a raw paleo diet to finally get rid of that persistent cough and cold.

Our boy is on his 2nd day of a raw paleo diet.  His idea to water down the rawness of his meat is to do have his beef steaks seared for some 5 seconds each side and condimented with a little salt and pepper.  I choose beef steaks and some raw oysters for my boy and also raw duck eggs.  Raw oysters he likes.  Seared beef he likes too. He also gets raw fruits like coconuts, mango, watermelon, bananas, papaya.  My boy says his cough and cold reduction is coming along nicely.

He has apprehensions about eating a raw paleo diet in school. Fear of peer judgement. Says he would rather be absent.  I said I don’t mind you being absent, just get well.  I suggested he have some horse ceviche (in vinegar) as that keeps well without refrigeration as the vinegar is a good preservative.  And it is “raw” enough for his treatment.  Let’s see tomorrow.

I had my boy sit down with me and give him a short lecture so he could understand in easy terms a 9 year old can understand about why and how a raw paleo diet works to cure him of his illnesses and has done so many many times.  Why when they keep going back to cooked food, even cooked paleo diet food he and his siblings get sick.  But when they are on raw paleo diet, they get well.  And he remembers the 2 whole months he was on raw paleo diet in 2009 which included truly raw meat, raw fish, raw blood… he was absolutely well all the time, no itching, no eczema, no fevers, no coughs, no colds… raw paleo diet works.  But why does it work?

Let me explain.  The body has normal detox processes: pooping, peeing, sweating.  These are the normal detox avenues to get rid of dirt.  When you have excess dirt in your body, the body resorts to secondary detox processes such as eczema (itching), mucus formation in colds and coughs.  A raw paleo diet is the original human diet and it is the cleanest diet.  That is why I, your father, practice a raw paleo diet because it makes my life simple.  I only need to poop, pee and sweat and I’m always well.

The persistent constant cooking of food makes the food dirty.  Dirty cooked vegetables, dirty cooked meat, dirty cooked rice.  Your body is overwhelmed by the dirt and cannot detox enough through pooping, peeing and sweating.  Your body resorts to adding detox avenues like itching eczema and mucus formation so you get colds and coughs.  If you swallow your mucus, it gets pooped out as well.

It is really that simple.  You my son have experienced it yourself.  It is a yoyo thing we are doing.  You get sick, you are put on raw paleo diet, you get well, you go back to cooked food, then you get sick again.  I hope you understand what I’m saying so that when you grow up and go out in the world without me, you know what to do.

Now you understand why I live a raw paleo diet and lifestyle: my life is simple, easy, healthy… all the time. No medicines, no herbs, no doctors, no special gadgets. While you on cooked diets will get sick, have annoying coughs, colds and eczema… and for what?  To sustain an unhealthy cooked food diet? Cooked food all the time… it just does not work.


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