Egg Yolk Liver Flush Video Demo for Psoriasis Cure and Eczema Cure

My new demo video of how to do an egg yolk liver flush. In this video, around 7am this morning, I’m still in my big evening shirt, I had already squeezed 1/2 cup of fresh raw calamansi juice (you can also use lemons). I proceed to crack open 3 duck eggs (you can also use chicken eggs) and fish out just the yolks to be measured. In this example, 3 duck egg yolks forms 1/2 cup. Then I add 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in the mixture. I pop out the yolks, do not mix it thoroughly to froth. Then I just drink the concoction.

After drinking this I lied down for 30 minutes. The battery of the camera ran out. I was just going to say that some people may find it expedient to do a warm water enema 2 hours after taking this concoction. This is for the purpose of taking out immediately whatever was dumped by the liver in the intestines.

I decided I wanted to do an egg yolk liver flush because some 2 weeks ago I had finished my 30 day herbal dewormer regimen and it is quite possible I have a lot of dead parasite bodies in my liver so I might as well clean up.

Super easy! Anyone of you can do it. For really sick people, you may need 4 straight mornings of this egg yolk liver flush, rest for 3 to 7 days, then repeat the cycle. Do as many cycles as needed until you have cleaned out your liver. A dirty liver is detected when you do a liver flush and your poop smells like sewage. When all sewage smell is eliminated, your liver is clean.

Going on a 100% raw and high fat diet (raw paleo diet with raw animal meat and raw animal fat… I do not recommend vegan) will make the process of cleaning your liver faster. A clean and nourished liver is your best ticket to cleaning your blood. And clean blood cures you of all the diseases deemed “incurable” by most people. Psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis you name it, all will be gone.

Egg yolk liver flushing is a wonderful tool, use wisely as part of your eczema / psoriasis cure protocol.

The complete egg yolk liver flush protocol can be found at

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