Canola Oil Un-Natural, Engineered Plant May Be Bad for Eczema and Psoriasis

According to an investigative report at, Canola oil stands for Canadian Oil. This is a genetically engineered rapeseed oil. Thus it does not occur in nature. Thus un-natural. And in my experience, anything un-natural may be bad for eczema and psoriasis. You want to play by nature’s rules. You want to win with nature, not by going against nature.

It does not matter how much omega 3 fats they measure, but whatever is there in canola oil is not natural. Of course there is also the processing of that plant into oil that makes it more unnatural. Consider the difference when you cook with an animal fat. Get a thick slab of beef fat. Heat it in the pan, and get the oil. Now that was easy. Too easy. Did you ever imagine how to get oil from an engineered rapeseed plant?

In addition to the genetic modification, the process of making Canola oil is troubling. The procedure involves a combination of high-temperature mechanical pressing and solvent extract, usually using hexane. Hexane! Even after considerable refining, traces of the solvent remain. Like most vegetable oils, Canola oil also goes through the process of bleaching, degumming, deodorizing, and caustic refining, at very high temperatures. This process can alter the omega-3 content in the oil, and in certain conditions bring the trans fat level as high as 40 percent.

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The reason you use oil in cooking your food is you want to eat fat. Your body needs fat. The problem is you have been taught all your life that the only fat you eat must be in the form of an oil or in a cooked animal. Wrong. All wrong. The best fats are natural RAW ANIMAL FATS from healthy animals fed and raised in the way nature intended them to be.

Humans are fativores. We want fat, we need fat, and if you notice your behavior well enough you will see just how much you crave fat: in fried food, in whipped cream, in ice cream, in chicharon / pig cracklings, in junk foods… and the medical establishment makes you feel guilty and says all those fats will kill you and clog your arteries!

The real solution is to eat FAT the way nature intended you to eat fat, and that is RAW FAT! Raw coconut fat. Raw olive oil fat. Raw animal fat! Fat is healing, inflammation extinguishing, lubricating, hydrating, energy giving, cleansing. All hail raw fat!

The next time you shop. Think about RAW FAT. Raw Fat is the big part of the solution for psoriasis and eczema.


  1. This article seems a little biased toward animal fats. Pork and beef are both very hard on the body, let alone their lipids. Both these animals cause our bodies to become very acidic and their fats are highly saturated with hydrogen, while vegetable fats are unsaturated to varying degrees. Sure, eat raw coconut and olive, but animal fat causes cholesterol, high LDL levels and is hard for the body to digest. In perspective, omnivores in nature would only eat the meat of an animal, not their fat.

  2. That medical dogma against animal fats is precisely what I am against and exposing as false. Saturated Raw animal fat that is organic, wild well fed is immensely healthy and the absolutely top best fats for human nutrition.

    Plant fats are secondary fats.

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