Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment That Works

Psoriatic arthritis is merely a description of symptoms affecting an individual. The person may have both psoriasis and arthritis at the same time. And your doctor may say you have psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment that works is one that delivers the cure… for the rest of your life.

How badly do you want to be cured of of psoriatic arthritis? Are you willing to give up your most ingrained habits? Give up your most cherished beliefs? Give up your favorite foods? All to be pretty and pain free? Yes! Anything to be pretty and blemish free, right? Read on.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Psoriasis is a skin condition that may look like having red patches on the body. 1 in 20 people are estimated to have both psoriasis and arthritis.

The cause of psoriatic arthritis is well known to holistic healers. Psoriasis is caused by a combination of skin detox because internal organs cannot cope with a diet and lifestyle that is dirty and malnourishing for the individual.

The diet portrayed on television and mass media is not the suited diet for that individual. The lifestyle portrayed on television and mass media is not suited for that individual. The recommended food pyramid is totally wrong for that individual. The culture of cooking, fast foods, restaurants, junk foods, condiments, personal care products is totally wrong for the individual.


Arthritis pain in a few joints, usually at end of the fingers or toes, sometimes including the spine. Psoriasis is present on the skin and nails.

Treatment and Cure

Always begin with the very basic, the cleanest, most nutritious diet and lifestyle possible. When cured, you can start introducing shady practices and food choices. But be cured first! Then experiment with bad stuff you are addicted to.

  • Live a paleolithic lifestyle
  • Eat a raw paleolithic diet
  • Detox protocols
  • Special tools

Paleolithic Lifestyle

A paleolithic lifestyle includes giving up all commercial soaps and detergents and shampoos and conditioners. No deodorants or toothpastes. No sun-block. No drugs, no herbs, no ointments, no lotions, absolutely nothing on the skin. I don’t care if it says mild or medically approved, they are not paleolithic and may be potentially harmful. Start from zero.

You stink? Let the body release the stink. You need to scratch? Scratch gracefully.

Bathe in unchlorinated water.


Raw Paleo Diet.
When better, you can sear your meats for socials.
Sustain raw paleo diet until 100% well.
You have to go back to the roots of being human.
The cleanest, most nutritious way of eating.
Lots of raw animal fat, raw animal meat, some raw fruits and some raw vegetables.
Yes, you read that right, raw animal FAT and raw animal meat.
Join the to be able to practice a raw paleo diet.
Avoid all nightshade vegetables.

Detox protocols?

Colon cleanse, then kidney cleanse, and then liver cleanse.

Special tools?

Arthritis may require special arthritis neutralizing tools such as Quantumin mineral drops. This will neutralize the uric acid deposits on arthritic body parts. Apply 3x a day or more.

Alkalizing drink such as apple cider vinegar may come in handy and neutralize uric acid deposits internally.

Probiotics: Various brands, overdose and overdose.

Stop Procrastinating and Just Do It

The only reason people do not get well from psoriatic arthritis is they do not have access to holistic psoriatic arthritis cure regimens such as this page.  And the next reason is they do not act on this information.  They refuse to do what needs to be done because all this is beyond their comfort zone, not of their habits, they refuse to let go of disease causing habits.

I have cured people with psoriasis.  I have cured people with arthritis.  Psoriatic arthritis is not special, it’s just a person who has both symptoms.

Follow my entire FREE cure protocol at Psoriatic Arthritis Cure Protocol

No excuses, just do it. I will see you in the raw paleo forum at where I post as goodsamaritan.

If you are not into forums, then you should learn how to do forums, because this will save your life and your mind will open up to new information and you will socialize with fellow CURED individuals who have all thought outside the box and are forever CURED. And isn’t to be CURED what you want and will work as hard as you can to achieve clear, beautiful skin and a pain free life?


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  2. my son is two months old he is having the above symtoms of ec zema what , would be the diet n medication for him


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