Child Eczema Treatment, Child Eczema Cure – Part 01 with Video and Pictures

My 10 year old boy has an eczema outbreak! Very bad. Very painful. Cush will be missing class today again for the 2nd straight day. His eczema crept up on us until it became bad. Busy parents. We realized this on the evening of October 4, 2011 and I took the reigns and said… no compromise. Do what it takes.

Do a 100% raw paleo diet. Do detox protocols. Do pollution avoidance.

100% raw paleo diet is merely what Daddy does. We lately have raw beef, raw oysters, raw clams, raw squid, raw fish malasugi, durian season, rambutan season, lanzones season and the all season fruits papaya, guava, calamansi and raw wild honey for drinks and fresh coconuts.

Detox protocols this October 5 my son woke up to an egg yolk liver flush using organic fertilized palawan duck eggs, lemon and virgin coconut oil. He took a big fast dump an hour later.

In the evening I gave him avocado leaves tea for his kidneys.

Do pollution avoidance. We are changing detergents for cleaning his clothes. My first impulse is to check what is working for the nearest blood relative, his first cousin who I helped cure psoriasis. My brother says they use Victoria soap so I will be buying that soap and replacing all our laundy soap wash with that Victoria soap.

Extend pollution avoidance to dish washing by buying expensive dish washing soap that is organic.

More on pollution avoidance with zero shampoo and zero body soap and zero tooth paste. Will do virgin coconut oil pulling and tooth brushing instead.

It was painful for me to see him in pain last night trying to take a bath. And the whole day he was tending to his oozing lymph fluid from his eczema sores. Something like me way back in 2006.

But things will be different this time. Because I will be here for him and take care of him personally 24 hours a day. Wish us good skill and of course we are open to new ideas and suggestions. Post your comments.

This is just part 01 of this child eczema treatment, child eczema cure attempt. Just like other patients I’ve healed, this will be a blow by blow progress reporting as it happens. So visit for updates on this story.


  1. Sir, when u say raw, how do u remove the blood? Do u soak it in hot water? Thanks 🙂

  2. You eat the blood. It’s good for you. Join to know how this diet is done.

  3. Could this be sign that eczema/psoriasis is genetical and hereditary? I mean you had it, your kid has it, your brother had it, and as you said a cousin. It looks like it to me.

  4. Eczema is a survival strategy. The real problem lies elsewhere.

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