Child Eczema: It Has to be Raw Bloody Meat, Raw Animal Fat Paleo Diet

After getting over my panic attack on how to cure my boy of child eczema, I look back and check that each and every case I cured including him in 2009, his younger brother, his sister, the other cases of illnesses I’ve helped in their critical times, all resolved because of 100% raw paleo diet. Yes, 100% raw with the basic raw bloody beef, raw beef fat as staple food. Some raw fish sashimi is okay too. No condiments.

In my panic to cure my boy I accede to his demand for cooked. Now I realize it is this cooked addiction that keeps him sick. I must enforce 100% raw paleo diet beginning tomorrow. We did this before in 2009, there is no reason we cannot do it again this 2011. The buck stops here.

Beam Ray tomorrow, anthroposophic medicines and 100% raw paleo diet… just like me.

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